Saturday, February 02, 2008


I have a new friend, and we will call her "I". You know I like using initials only, to protect the innocent, or not so innocent. "I" is a new knitter. A new knitter with an obsession or as I like to call it, a hungry dog on a bone. Her mother in law started her on the path, fueled in part by me. Then she signed up for a class, which leads me to today's subject...inherited projects.

So, her first real "project" is a baby sweater. A top down, no sew raglan. Ok, experienced knitters, easy enough, right??? Well, it is not the first project I would give someone. The teacher who is somewhat of a knitting snob and has taken a dislike to "I", says "Oh anyone can do this". In my kitchen, she repeated the collar portion at least 4 times....... And to make matters worse, she promised this sweater to someone. She has broken rule #1 for gift knitting, do not tell anyone you are making them something, or what the object is because you will ultimately hit a snafu.

It is now referred to as the F-in' yellow baby sweater from hell. I go to visit her at her office. The sweater is in the bag, and has now made it past the collar and working on the yoke. This is where the fun begins. "Can you fix this"?? Sure. Well, now it seems that I have to finish it. I took it home. It is all over. "I" waved the white flag of surrender and I must pick up the needles and continue to wage war with this yellow yarn. Today while we have knitting time in my kitchen, I will find her some new projects, while I work on the sweater. Pictures to follow.

I think I will introduce her today to the MDK Ball Band dihcloth. Hey if you are going to be obsessed, why not go all the way. You all know what fondness I have for those, right???