Sunday, January 21, 2007

I surrender

I surrender. I bought yarn. I am hopeless. It's been 21 days......not too shabby, right??? **grin** OK, you want to hear the story??? Well, I needed size 0 and 1 dpns. (yes, I plan on knitting socks...I know, I know somethign I said I would never do.) NO PLACE NEAR ME CARRIED SMALL NEEDLES. OK, no places with yarn I would be tempted to increase the stash size with. They are "safe places" for me to be. WalMart, AC Moore, Michael's and JoAnn Fabric all batted 0. I found 2's...but nothing smaller. Instead of going to the LYS (of which there are several near me, and since I am weak, and it would be like taking a chocoholic into a sweet shop), I opted for The Fabric Place. OK, the yarn selection there is a good one, I will give them that. BUT they had several brands of dpns to choose from and I knew it so.......

I bought. How could I not?? Surrounded by fiber, and oh the colors!! Along with my needle selection, a lone skein of Noro Silk Garden "fell into my bag". ::wink wink:: I plan on making these with it.

And yes, this week I will get photos of my finished objects (namely the fingerless mitts) so you will have something to look at while I jet off to San Antonio TX while Mark is at a meeting. And I will be knitting the entire time!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Please make it stop. Thank you.

This is a message for the people in R&D (research and development) at all the major yarn companies. STOP!! Just STOP it. I beg of you, please stop!! Please do not continue to come up with new and exciting yarns for me to try. Just do not report to your desk any longer. Your services are no longer required!!!! (This has been a community service message for all the "This year I will knit from my stash" people. Thank you. And now back to your regularly scheduled program!)

OK, this morning I check my emails and lo and behold a newsletter from the fine gals at kpixie. If you have not been there, go now. It's a great site with awesome yarns. Lots of indie stuff. Love it!! Well, it turns out that SWTC now makes a yarn called Tofutsies. Cute huh?? No, it's made from crab shells and it's for socks. Great colors too. I want some. No I need some. it is far too tempting because as a vegetarian, I could really use some yarn with tofu in the title, don't you think??? MUST RESIST THE URGE TO BUY. This could take all the will power I have people. All of it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Warshrag A Go-Go

I completely forgot to show you my "Ball Band" dishcloths (or "warshrags") from Mason Dixon Knitting. I got so excited over this pattern, I just couldn't stop!!! I liked knitting them so much, I joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL too!!!! I packaged them in sets of two, included a kitchen soap from Bath and Body Works in a color to match, and a fancy gift bag!!! They were very well recieved!!!
Here is a picture of the trio.

I called this duo "Desert". I loved the sage green color.
I need to work with this color more!!!
This one I named "happy" because pink and orange make me feel happy inside!!!
And this one is "Sunny Day"

I did make a few for me as well, but they are "in service" at the moment!! And if you 'fly" on the "Fly Lady" program, these are perfect for shining your sink!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A treat for you....

As promised, I am updating again. This time with a picture of an actual FINISHED OBJECT!!!! I really love these cupcakes!! They are adorable and fun to make. Here's the plan. I made one, just to see if they are as cute in person as in the pattern book. The answer is yes, take a look.
So, now I am going to make them for my friend's birthdays. No, I am not giving them just a knitted cupcake which my DH Mark keeps asking me why anyone would even want one. He fails to submit to their cuteness. (sigh) My gift idea includes a cupcake in a bakery box with a happy birthday ribbon and tag and a gift card to their favorite coffee place and/or bakery. Cute, huh???

I actually have been knitting like my fingers are on fire but I have NO PICTURES to show. I need to get a photo shoot going of my finished items as well as the progression of some. And I have found the PERFECT mitten pattern. Actually it belongs to my mother who paid a whopping 40 cents for the BOOK of patterns sometime in the 60's I'd guess. Well, I know have my own copy and got out the Lorna's Laces worsted, my dpns and went to town. But wait, I must have giant hands because my mittens did not fit my extra large mitts!!! So, the lone mitt will get match and they will get gifted to a lucky recipient. I will say this, I am still in love with
the Lorna's Laces yarn.

Ok, I will go take some pictures for show and tell later in the week!!! Keep checking back, I'm on a knitting roll here!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Siren's Song

Ah, it's the new year.......a time to freshen up this knitting blog. During the "break" I have been knitting. My strong aversion to dpn's has now turned into LOVE, that's right LOVE. And with that, the siren's song of socks is calling. Shhh....listen. You can just hear it. Surprisingly (said tongue in cheek) I DO have sock yarn in my stash. How?? Why??? Did I know I would pick up dpn's again....yes I guess I did. Now I need the perfect pattern. I don't like socks, and as a matter of fact, wear them VERY infrequently. And you know what, my feet will NEVER win a beauty contest, but I don't care, there is something very free about goign barefoot. (I studied ballet for many years, and despite what the manufacturer's say about "their" toe shoes, they WILL deform your feet!!)

Now, pictures...... I have plenty of new knitted items but still no pictures. I guess i have an aversion to photography. My knitted items do not photograph as well as my jewelry does. I need to work on this. If the sun ever makes an apperance today, I will try to get some pictures.

Ok, my NY's resolution is to update this blog more frequently and starting THIS week, you are guaranteed at least TWO new tales of knitty goodness per week. (Unless I am away, and then you will hear all about it when I return ~ nothing like knitting on the road!!) And I intend on fixing up my "side board" too...... does anyone know how to add those cute little bar graphs for your projects???