Sunday, April 29, 2007

A New Swap!!

OK, I caved in. I just signed up for the "No Sheep For You Swap"!! I know, I know, I said no more swaps but I met my dear friend Hanane through one of these swaps and hopefully I can find another "friend in knit" to correspond with!!! This one requires no finished knitted items (which is good for me, since I can't seem to finish a thing these days!) Just two skeins of non wool yarn. Admittedly, I love wool, but I do love cottons, bamboo and silk, so this should be fun!!! The deadline is tomorrow, so it was do or die day, today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!!

I also did away with the KALS. The One Skein one was terrific during the swap but I never posted anymore and from the looks of it, I was not the only one!!! And the Mason Dixon one could not switch to the new blogger, so that one I had to give up, very sadly I might add. Hopefully, I will join some again soon, but with my lack of projects, it is kind of silly to join with nothing to post!

Since I am in the joining mood, any other good swaps out there????? I might do two this round!!! Hopefully this will boost up the knitting blog and make me finish some projects!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Donde Estas???

Oh it has been way too long in fact, that my "other" blog has almost 100 MORE posts!!!! Sigh...... I better get posting more frequently as my pattern in the Debbie Stoller Calendar goes into the bookstores soon and THIS blog is the one attached to the pattern. Wouldn't want people to think I was a "One Hit Wonder" now, would I???

So there has been knitting. No finishing, but definitely knitting. I am designing a lace scarf as we speak. I like how it is coming along, but I need to concentrate while knitting lace and since we are now in full blown allergy season, concentration is just not happening for me. So the lace, is based on a Barbara Walker Pattern (LOVE her books) and done with Sea Silk in the Paris colorway, just to tease you a bit!! Hopefully I can sit down and work on it this weekend!!!

I have also noticed a new trend going around. The "Chevron Scarf" from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock. I have wanted to use this yarn for some time now. The colors really do ROCK. In fact, I studied the color chart so long this week, my brain actually started to hurt! You need TWO contrasting colorways, and I cannot decide. After polling several of my friends, I think I have made a decision. Now I just need to make a purchase!

Let's see, what else am I making???? Mainly jewelry as it is getting to be my "busy season" with the art gallery!!! Which is good because that means MORE $$$ for yarn!!!!

And since this blog needs some pictures......I'll leave you with these.

Friday, April 06, 2007

I have returned!!!

Wow, have I been delinquent to the knitting blog or what???? I know!!! I have been knitting though, bits and pieces of things. But, let me tell you about the yarn SCORE I got recently.....

Let's see, Little Knits was having a sale on Sea Silk. If you do not have any, go get some, NOW!!!! It is shiny and fabulous. It is never on sale, that I have seen, so I got a skein (or two). Colorways are Paris and Glacier for those who care. Next, I went to the LYS for Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I decided to try the scarf portion of the scarf/shawl/wrap combo from "Alterknits". I love it but it needs the kidsilk, no doubt about it. I tried it without but the kidsilk makes it all soft and heavenly looking. I will be making the entire thing in cream later on, I just had enough yarn for the scarf. And while I was there (because you didn't think I ran in there got 2 skeins of kidsilk and left, did you??) I got Rowan denim for 40% off!! 40%%!!! After the EMTs resuscitated me, I got the bag! And two skeins of Lorna's Laces bulky for 40% off too!!!!