Monday, August 28, 2006

Two poles and some dental floss.....

I've never been a person who likes knitting with BIG needles. To me, they are like knitting dental floss with two telephone poles! Any thing bigger than a size 10 needles and I wave the white flag of surrender!! I don't mean to insult anyone here, they're just not my thing. I know many who love those #13's and can make a sweater in an afternoon, I'm just not one of those. Well, I am invited to be a guest in my friend's home in Seattle next month. And like mothers always tell you, never go to someone's house empty handed! I thought the perfect gift is something handmade! I saw this basic throw called "Dreamy" on the Knitpicks site and thought why not?? The yarn looks nice and soft and it will be light, yet warm. I chose a color, placed the order, and......

Well, it's made on a #19 telephone pole (oops, I mean knitting needle)!!! I sat down this adternoon to South Pacific in concert with my favorite Broadway singer of all time (Brian Stokes Mitchell) and decided I have a month to make this throw, let's get the show on the road! And, I'm not sure....casting on was a chore, and not that it's any complicated pattern, garter stitch all rows (yawn) , I can't tell if I like it. It's furry and lacey and I just don't know.

I have decided to work on it this evening and after getting a hunk done, then decide. I will snap a picture tomorrow so you can see it, but, I don't know.......

Maybe matching cabled mufflers might be better???? I think I'll start cooking supper, and then decide.

*****Later that wasn't getting any better.....and when Mark came home, he said "what is THAT" and when I told him a blanket, he made a face and said that isn't very nice......and that is EXACTLY what I was thinking...... so the project has been scrubbed. The yarn is in a box waiting to be returned and I will NEVER knit with SURI DREAM FROM KNITPICKS again. I could have gotten better yarn at AC Moore!!! This was definitely a case of you get what you pay for!!!....Lesson learned! Now I need another idea for a gift..hmmm......

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Baby Pictures!

No new knitting pictures, but I thought you might like to see I picture of my furry babies!!! We hang out on the back deck on sunny afternoons, knitting and creating jewelry for my website!!

From left to right, they are, Lucy, Gillie and Muzzy

On the knitting front, I did start the clutch bag from the One Skein book for my friend. Lamb's Pride bulky in seafoam green!! I will take pictures of it when I am finished! It won't be long!!! Someday, I am actually going to make one for me!! :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

A quick update.....

Well, I guess it's been a busy week, huh?? No new knitting posts!!! BUT, I have been knitting. I am making great strides on both the cozy and Branching Out. I have to say, for YEARS I never wanted to knit lace but now I LOVE it!!! I am planning on making many more lace scarves. They make the perfect gifts because many of my friends live in warm climates, and their so portable!!!

This weekend, I need to start two more projects though, a clutch from one skein (which has become my favorite gift to give!) and a blanket for my friend. the blanket is that pattern from KnitPicks and the yarn is Suri Dream. I chose a blue color, and hopefully it will be perfect! And the clutch, well, it is for my friend in AZ who I will be visiting in a few weeks!!! Yay!!! I chose a soft green, because green is her favorite color! I should at least get that finished!!! I'll take pictures when I start the projects!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cozy Pictures!!!

Ok, so you've heard me talking about this "Cozy Shawl" that I've been knitting, here it is!! Now bear in mind, I took these pictures on FRIDAY (yes, I am truely terrible about uploading them!) and I am into my second skein of yarn! :) I bought 4 skeins of sport weight but actually think it will take three.....or I'm hoping it will take three because the yarn would make a terrific "Branching Out" scarf! It is beautiful and very fun to knit. I know, it wasn't fun in the beginning......but I LOVE the pattern now! I even got a "close up" for you!!! The colorway did not photgraph as pretty as it is in person!! Hopefully my finished garment will show off the subtle colors!!! I am even making a matching bracelet for it!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Row Counter Tutorial

Here is the Row Counter Tutorial!!

Before printing, please read the following information!
** I have created this tutuorial to help fellow knitters create beautiful knitting jewelry.
copy and paste this to your website or blog.
You MAY link this page directly if you wish.
If you own a knitting or bead shop, you may NOT print this out for your distribution without written consent from me!
Please email me at designsbykatie (at) hotmail (dot) com for questions concerning this!**

Happy Beading!!

1 medium size toggle
4 2X2 " crimps
1 3X3" crimps
1 fancy lampwork bead (bead shown by Melanie Egan)
10 large glass based pearls (8 mm)
15 small glass based pearls (6mm)
4" of elastic beading cord
2 9" pieces of colored beading wire .019" (wire shown from Fire Mountain Gems)
(remember wire will be exposed, colored wire is nicer for this project)
Assorted accent beads and spacers
Wire cutters, Scissors and Crimping Tool

Step 1: Insert BOTH strands of beading wire through toggle and 2X2 crimp bead. Fold over leaving room for toggle to move freely and insert back through the crimp bead forming a loop. Crimp bead - do not trim excess wire at crimp!

Step 2: Add accent beads and lampwork, covering excess wire with beads.

Step 3: Add second 2X2 crimp bead and crimp flush with beads.

Step 4: On one wire, add 9 of the small pearls and on the other wire add 10 of the large pearls.

Step 5: Make Marker. Thread 5 6mm pearls on elastic cord. Thread 3X3 crimp through BOTH ends as shown. Pull tightly, forming a circle and crimp. Trim off excess cording at crimp.

Step 6: Thread marker over BOTH wires.

Step 7: Measure 5 1/2" (for average wrist) from second crimp bead. Add another 2X2" crimp bead at 51/2" mark and crimp.

Step 8: Add additional accent beads and remaining pearl and final crimp onto BOTH strands of wire.

Step 9: Loop beading wire and toggle bar through the crimp and accent beads as shown. Crimp and trim access wire! YOU ARE FINISHED!

To use: For each row you knit, move one of the small beads through the marker. When all 9 beads are on the other side of the marker, move one of the BIG beads through the marker and move the 9 small beads back to the start. Repeat...... will count up to 100 rows!!! this would be very handy for travel! You can keep track of your knitting and still wear a pretty bracelet at the same time!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Pictures for YOU!

Today's post is for my new Secret Pal, Hanane! She told me I needed more pictures on my blog!!! And she was so right!!! And today, I will get pictures of the other things I am working on for the next update!! I will try to add at least one or two pictures a week!! Let's keep things interesting!

Here is my "Branching Out"scarf..of course, this is an old picture and it is about 10 more pattern rows than this....

It is made with the bamboo yarn for Southwestern Trading Comapny and was gifted to me by my One Skein Secret pal, Lynnea!

And this is my One Skein Secret Pal's final project for me!! An awesome felted box for my desk!! It has found a home on the computer table with my file cards and notes in it!! And as you can see it matches my walls PERFECTLY!!!
Thank you Lynnea!

And the last picture for today is my One Skein Pal's final package which consisted of not only the finsihed project....but also a birthday gift for me!! In the box is a chocolate bar, notecards with my inital and some badger balm (for those rough knitter's hands!! :) ) Clotted cream and lemon curd for my morning scones and dog cookies for the girls!! A pug puzzle, a cute purse pattern WITH the yarn and Nicky Epstien's new book of knitted flowers!! Wow, a very generous present indeed!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's better than a sale??

Ok, I decided before I get settled outside on the back deck for an afternoon of knitting, I should update this blog! It's hard...I have lots of blogs and I need a bloggin schedule desperately! I need a studio schedule too!! Maybe it's time to "FlyLady" my studio and computer time!!

So today I decide I **need** to go to the LYS...well not so "L" but YS. I had a hankering for yarn and I needed to actually shop!!! And besides, I had an idea of yarn for my new Secret Pal (who is a super person BTW!!) and I needed a skein of Lamb's Pride bulky weight because I want to make a clutch for a friend who I will be visiting in a few weeks. Well, I didn't need that much incentive. Just say "yarn" and I'm there!!! Well, THEY WERE HAVING A SALE!! So, if you live in So. Eastern MA, go to the Wool Basket in Duxbury! There is some really nice yarn on sale!!

And let's talk about yesterday's "almost" crisis!!! I am about 10 pattern rows into "Branching Out" so, translated I am almost half way done. I put it down for a few weeks (to work and go on a trip) so yesterday, I decided to pick it back up again. I need to finish it so I can make another for a gift......well, I made very good notes on the pattern as to where I left off. Now typically I do a complete pattern before ending something for the day/night/week. It's easier to remember. Long story short, I didn't,and ignored my notes and started at the beginnning anyway! I made a MESS!!! I tried once to put it back on the needles, and that was a no go. But, I decided one more try and if not, I (gulp) start over!! I managed to salvage it and only lost 4 rows!! I do have a picture of it and I will post it next time!!! I do take pictures, I just have a hard time you know!! :)

Well, it's such a nice day, I'm not going to spend it inside! I'm taking the dogs and my knitting and heading out into the backyard..........

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where Have I Been???

And the prodigal blogger returns.....I have not been ignoring you, honestly, I haven't. I've just been busy with all the other stuff that interferes with know, life! Must create art so I can pay the yarn bills!!! :)

Today, I became a new One Skein Pal!! Well, the program director is calling us "One Skein Angels" now, because the program is technically over the end of the month, but some people didn't follow through. Sad, isn't it?? I mean, sign up, get YOUR stuff and leave the poor gal you were assigned to sitting there. Geez, the person who had my name is delievering her baby soon (hopefully TODAY!) and she managed to get some super gifts together!! I hope I can do the same for this new person!! I have some ideas, I am just waiting for her to answer the questions so I know what she likes (and doesn't!)

So, if you are waiting for my first's on it's way! I'm sorry, I have been working on a project for the gallery, and it is sucking up my time!!! I'm not even going to say this week!! Keep checking back and it will magically appear one day!! Should I hire a studio assistant??

Well, off to see if I can knit a few rows before I need to start supper!!! Knit on!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I've been working on the shawl this afternoon. It was a beautiful day so I decided to sit outside and knit in the shade!! Knitter's bliss, right?? Well, did knitted lots.....8 inches or more worth. I then decided to watch some design shows on HGTV. I shouldn't have because I SCREWED UP!!! BADLY!!! So I tried to fix it....usually I am pretty good at this. I turned the tv off, cleared the coffee table, spread it out and tried to fix it, once, twice, three I ripped it out. It killed me.....but I did. Hey, I'm not a newbie knitter that can't fix things, but this was not my day!! ARGH!!! I just had to share my frustration......

So I'm going to cast on again and knit like my needles are on fire!!!!!

Promises, Promises

Well, where does the time go?? Does this mean I am getting older?? Well, yes it does!! My birthday was last week and my husband and I took a little road trip to NYC for a few days!!! It was so much fun. Basically, we saw shows and ate! Since I don't want to type all the happenings from last week can read them here!

Since this is a knitting blog, have I been knitting?? You betcha!! I am making the "Cozy" shawl from Knitty magazine. I love the pattern...except......I am using sportweight yarn. While very dleicate looking and pretty, it is exceptionally s-l-o-w! The five skeins of Lorna's Laces Sport, rolled into balls, looks pretty daunting in the basket. Hopefully I will not need all five skeins, becuase the colorway would look rockin' in the "Branching Out" scarf!!

And I know it is August, but I need to get my Christmas list going and see what I need to make, and who I need to make things for! I was thinking that the One Skein clutches were so fun to make (and I did hit the wholesale button shops in the Fashion district while I was in NYC!) and too cute, I might make a few of those. Use up the wool I have accumulated!

Which leads me to the tutorial. My goal was to have it done last week before I left, but obviously, I didn't so......I uploaded the pictures, now I just need to crop and label them and type out the directions.....this week...and that's a promise!!!