Monday, December 03, 2007

Hello, tap tap, Anyone there???

Now really, it has been way too long. Does anyone still read this thing?? Honestly people, it has been very hard to blog these days, as I'm sure you understand. But I promise to get back int he groove. I miss talking about knitting. And have I been knitting, hell YES!!! And lots of knitting too. I will get pictures this week and post again. Some people are getting some nice knitting gifts soon. :) Could it be YOU???

Look for pictures soon......

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear Knitting Blog Readers,

Well, it is my 100th post and I was so hoping to publish pictures and patterns and all kinds of fun yarny goodness, but my husband died suddenly on Monday. If you read my other blog you know this, if not and you keep checking back thinking I have either forgotten how to type and/or knit, no. This is not what I wanted my 100th post to be, but it is, so I will be back, after all knitting is good therapy, right??? Until then, knit on.

My husband loved to make fun on my knitting. In a nice way of course. ::wink:: and always interupted me while I was counting stitches or doing that all important lace row. So if you see me knitting in public someplace in the Boston area, please feel free to interrupt me!! Ha ha!!! Secretly I always thought he wanted to learn to knit!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Check this out!

Look out, it's pictures!!

First up, my "Fetching" gloves. Keep in mind they need a wee bit of blocking! Like I have said before, I LOVE this yarn and finally ordered another skein in purple ("Wisterious" to be exact!)! You know at 250 yds, I bet I could make two pairs out of one skein! I did take another picture of them on my hand, but I didn't like how my hand looked. (Note: now that fall is here I really should use hand cream more!!!) I'll retake it soon!!
Next here is the Noni pattern I just had to have!!! I ordered the whole ball of wax from kpixie. (This is a wonderful web shop! Jessica and Missa have a great selection and ship faster than lightening!) Yarn, feet, handles, zipper and pattern. Now I think it needs some pig piggie fabric for a lining, don't you think! I can't wait to start it! If it come out nice, my friend wants one too! I just might be making an entire pig family!
Ok, well that is all I have to say today! I better get going and start cooking supper. Somehow I don't think Mark would like a big bowl of yarn for dinner....or would he??? :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ancient Whorls!

I cannot believe I completely forgot to post this picture!! My poor husband can't go anywhere without being reminded of knitting. One day, he WILL knit. I keep trying to get him to learn, I think it will be relaxing for him, and hey you have a built in yarn shop and teacher, what more could you want?

So check this out! Remember I went to Philly last weekend? This was in the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Whorls from the 8th CENTURY BCE from Rome! Isn't that cool????? When I pointed it out, he just said "Oh God, more knitting!!", and stood quietly while I took SEVERAL images, just in case one of them did not come out! Ha ha!

I did take a picture of my Fetching Mitts but I think I need another one. I'm still experimenting with finding a good place in the new house for photos! Maybe tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bank on this.

Well, finally got the knitting "mojo" working again, thanks in part to dishcloths. Come on, ya know you love 'em!!! So Lynnea, you were right!!! :)

I had hoped to show you a cool dishcloth picture with my new kitchen as a backdrop, AND the new "Fetching" gloves made for me on my trip to Philly (Thank you again Amy for the wonderful "Dream In Color" yarn you sent. It is beautiful, the perfect color and my new obsession!!! If you have never knit with this yarn, it is awesome ladies!!!), BUT it is POURING outside. I can't complain we need the rain badly, but it is too dark for photos!

I do have a picture though. I was surfing the other day and found this:
I NEED this!!! Isn't it funny????

And the "evil" ladies (no they are really not evil, but they do tempt you with yarn!) at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, have NEW sock yarn coming out on November 5th. Now see, you really do need a bank to save your yarn pennies in!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Slump

Well my friends, I am in a knitting slump. I can't seem to concentrate, and tried to knit the "litte arrowhead lace" from the Penobscot scarf from Interweave about 3 times. It's an easy four row repeat but apparently it has overloaded the circuits in my brain! My friend Lynnea suggested dishcloths because they always pull her out of slump, so I might make a few more. The Sugar and Cream cotton was on sale last week and I picked up some of the new self striping and tweed! To keep you entertained while I fight back with new yarn and a new project, check this out! (Ok, it is for the knitting content! Holy Knit One Purl Two Batman!! And she has a knitting needle in her hand (looks like a size 11 to me!!)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Finished Project. Can You Believe It???

Ok, faithful readers, at least I hope you still stop by here to read my blog, here is proof I have been knitting. Naturally it is not much, but here is my completed dog sweater. Or as I call it Dog Sweater Version 1.0.
The Book: Dogs in Knits by Judith L Swartz
The Pattern : Basic Knitted Dog Sweater
The Yarn: Ella Rae Classic in Mauve
The Needles: Size 7 Bamboo

I did a slight modification to the pattern by adding a crochet edge around the arm openings and bottom. (Hence the Version 1.0) It was an easy knit and this pattern is the perfect jump off point for a whole wardrobe of funky dog wear! For the next one, I will use smaller needles, for more stitch definition and a tighter ribbing. I will also decrease the size of the back, it is a tad long and gets caught in her curly pug tail. There were no complaints from the recipient however, and she was very willing to sit for the fitting!!

I have made other goodies too, but I need to get pictures of them. I just wanted to let you know I still knit and not just by yarn!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

An Answer!!!!

An update:

I finally got an answer via email, late last night. 125 yds. There. That wasn't so hard, was it??? No apology, just a "best regards" and that's it. Why couldn't that have been done in the first place? Sigh. But I got the answer I needed.

Sorry guys if I seem to be crabbing quite a bit on this blog. I really am not that way. It's the move. (yah, that's it, the move!) If I can make it though the next week, I'm golden and will be back to my obsessively knitting self in no time flat!!! Thanks to everyone for their emails and support! Especially, Amy who offered her complaint writing skills! I may take you up on that offer someday girlfriend!

And now, back to knitting dishcloths for my new kitchen!! One week from today, I will be in the new house!!! :) Now that's a reason to smile!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well, burst my bubble, why don't ya??

So as I was packing up my yarn (I hope the moving guys have good strong backs, ha ha!) I noticed that the most wonderful pashmina that I was so EXCITED to get from School Products had no label. I decided to email them right away before the yarn was gone, to get the yardage. A nice thing to know if you are making something.

Here is my email:

"Hi! I was in your store last weekend and purchased some pashmina (pink) and
I didn't write down the yardage. It was $6.50 per hank. Could you please
tell me what it is so I can plan my project?? Thank you!"

And here is the response:

Please look for the yardage on our web-site but the price is $15, if you paid only $6.50, you were charged wrong, sorry.

Now I am not dumb, by any means. I checked the website FIRST and there is NOTHING on there, much less any item similar priced at $15. It was the ONLY pashmina in the shop. I am disgusted and PISSED. I spent over $300 that day and when I surrendered my charge card, they could NOT have been NICER. Now, my request is not the unreasonable. And it is NOT MY PROBLEM if you under charged me. That is a hazard of business. It happened at my old job several times and the price must be honored, period. No matter how wrong it was. As a business you suck it up or lose business asking for the $$ back.

So ladies, if you are in NYC, may I suggest shopping at one of the other MANY knit shops in NYC, like Purl Soho. You may pay a bit more, but the customer service will be there when you leave town.

Anyone have a yardstick handy????

And the saga continues.....

So I just "spoke" with the owner via email who was a bit "nicer" when I said I would be shopping elsewhere and stated that she has "excellent" customer service. HA!!! She told me to call the shop in the morning. Hmmm. No apology. Do you think I will ever get the answer? Do YOU live in Manhattan??? If you go there, would you check for me??

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thank you NSFY Pal!!!

Well, two posts in the SAME week, write this down!! Ha ha!! actually I am up early, updating my site and the blogs and I just thought I would send a "public" shout out to my "No Sheep For You" secret pal!! Well, she's not so secret anymore and we finally had the big reveal!!! Thank you Phara for all the little goodies and the yarn!!! I love it all!! And guess what she is an interior designer!! I just might be needing her services soon with the new house!! Phara, will you do a trade for yarn??? :)

I'll try to get some pictures of the works in progress now. Funny, I was at the hair salon (getting my roots touched up) and knitting and I wondered why I was getting a weird look. I usually knit in there and don't get looks. Then I figured it out! The front placket for Gillie's sweater looks surprisingly like a pair of thong underwear!!! ROTFL!!!! I wonder if they think I am knitting my own undies now!!! Bwhahahahaha!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yarny Goodness

So here is my loot from School Products!!! I LOVE that place. I labeled most of it on the picture. The cone in the middle is 1.6 POUNDS of super wash sport weight merino!!! And I also got a LARGE helping of yak which is so unbelievably soft in a nice cream color that didn't make the picture!!!

And just in case you were wondering what I am going to make with all this....I don't know!! I will be accepting suggestions!!! I really want to make something special with the pashmina. I think there is about 150 yds each on the skein. Maybe gloves????

I finally finished the back to Gillie's new dog sweater and started the front panel this morning. And I even started a new Chevron scarf in my favorite yarn, Cider Moon!

Monday, August 06, 2007

AWOL. or My excuse for lack of blogging.

Sorry it has been so long without a post!!! I just wanted to put something down here that says, I have been knitting but after all I am moving and I have been in NYC over the weekend so that is my excuse. Either like it, or don't. Anyway, I have pictures. Of cashmere. From School Products. Lots of cashmere. LOTS.

I'll post them soon.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well, after my felted cactus gained a spot in the coveted "Stitch and Bitch"Calendar for 2008, I have been thinking of making more knitted sculpture. Knitting=art after all, well to me. I stumbled upon this while surfing. Click on it. I dare ya. It will take your breath away.

Now I have always LOVED the sea, after all I don't live that far from it, and it fascinates me. But even if you don't care for it, I dare ya to say it is not amazing!!!

PS. Started a dog sweater today. I'm tired of the scarves (finally!).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


And of a finished object, no less!!! I blocked this quite awhile ago, and never got around to taking a picture of it! I'm really not satisfied with the picture, the color of the yarn is very hard to photograph. The color is a bit more vibrant in real life!

Pattern: Argosy from Knitty
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Chiffon (discontinued color!)
Needles: Size 6 Aluminum

I scored a haul the other day at my Mothers! I went over there because I needed to escape while the house was being shown and she had this for me! The yarn (Peaches and Creme) was found at Wal Mart of 75 cents a skein. 75 Cents!!!! Naturally, she bought two of every color. There was MORE but I started making dishcloths for the new house already!!

There was also "Knit Mittens" which was a book I wanted for awhile. Her friend gave it to her, and she passed it on! And look, WORKBASKETS!!!! For those of you who are new to knitting, or are too young to remember, "The Workbasket" was a magazine published in the 30's through the 80's. It was monthly and featured "housewifey" things like crafts, recipes and homemaking tips! I can remember my mother waiting patiently for it to arrive! Now I collect them!! Again these were passed down to her and she gave them to me!!
Look at the publishing date on this one!!! 40 Years me!!! :)

More later!! I'm almost done with my last Argosy and the "Element" scarf and I can start new projects!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!!

I was hoping to have photos for you today, but it is dark and rainy out.....maybe tomorrow???? You can always pop over to my "regular" blog for some pug pictures to tide you over. Or how about playing a little webboggle until I can update????

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Mission

Sorry no pictures this post! I just wanted to say I am alive and well and still knitting. Right now, I am blocking a scarf I finished a LONG time ago (the "Argosy" made with Rowan Calmer!), finishing up the SECOND "Argosy" (Cider Moon Taos!) and finishing the "Element" scarf. My mission, should I choose to accept, it is to actually FINISH all started "on the needle" items BEFORE starting something new. The key here is before. I love to start new things, get them "almost" done ( like the blocking part), and leave them. I am trying my best to BREAK this vicious circle.

I have several new projects just waiting to go on the needles, yarn to wind, and all of it MUST sit there until I complete more. I even found a pair of "Fetchings" without thumbs!!! Now seriously, how long doe sit take to knit a thumb???? Not long. I will get to those this week!

Tonight is a good night for telly, Family Guy AND Hell's Kitchen (gotta love FOX) so I will be attempting the impossible....finishing up stuff while I watch. Somehow writing all this down makes me do it. Like y'all are going to hold me accountable for my lack of ambition!! :)

Now if I can find a way to read, watch tv, and knit, imagine the possibilities!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Here it is.....

Pictures of the long awaited Chevron. I do have to say, I really, really LOVE how it came out. I did make it a bit shorter as I am not the type to wear the scarf around my head. My bohemian days are over....ha ha!!! But all in all, it was a fun knit that I would make again. In fact I have TWO more colorways picked out! The think the colorways are prettier in person, they seem a bit washed out in the photo, but you get the general idea!

I'm well on my way to finishing up some of these projects!! And considering everything I have going on, that's something. I guess beteween writing the project list AND doing small knitted items, I can actually finish what I start!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm Finished!!!!

Hallelujah!!! I FINALLY finished my chevron scarf!!!!! Wow!!! It is being blocked in my guest room as we speak! I absolutely LOVE how it came out and will definitely do a photo shoot of the finished object later this week!!!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled knitting!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thank you Amy!

Look at what I got in the mail yesterday! It's from Amy at The Knitters Tea Swap! I LOVE this swap! This is the second time participating in it, and it is the BEST!!! Suzie, the hostess and ringleader is a super organized person who does a terrific job with the matches! Amy and I had very similar tastes in treats and tea, so this was perfect! OK, here is what I got:

Dream in Color Worsted Yarn in "Beach Fog" for MY "Fetching" gloves!!!
Online Summer Sock Yarn
A LARGE block of Swiss Dark Chocolate (I am hiding this from Mark!)
Blackcurrant Wafers (YUM!! I actually sent these to her as well!!)
Honey Sticks (which I also sent to her! I LOVE these things!)
Tea Themed Note Cards
A Lake Michigan Themed Ice Tea Glass
A Spiced Chai Lip Balm
The most AWESOME Soap EVER
A Tea Infuser
A Tea Cup Set
A Coconut Bread Mix
And Tea!!! Blackcurrant AND Blueberry White.

Phew...that was quite a bit, and I thank you so much Amy! You made my day! I have already sampled the Blueberry tea and it is going to be a favorite I can tell.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I am powerless.

OK, I will admit it, I am powerless to the siren song of fiber. And for those of you who think I broke down and bought the new STR colors, no I didn't. At least not yet anyway! But you've all heard me rave about the yarn from Jacki and Gail at Cider Moon, right?? Well they are having a SALE!!! More importantly, a sale on my favorite yarn they dye called Glacier. And they have new colors. And it is 20% off. 20%.

Now let's work on justifying the FOUR skeins I bought last night. Now while it is definitely not going to break my budget, after all I only bought FOUR!!! :) I plan on using them to make gifts for my friends for the holidays. OK, one skein was for me, because I should wear something *I* made. So the purchase will be put to good use, and I am helping a small business grow! So there, it's OK that I made a purchase!

I will snap a picture of my colors when it arrives! And did anyone see the wonderful chevron made by Not Scarlett with the Glacier yarn??? It's stunning! I have two skeins that will be PERFECT for this and as soon as I finish the one on the needles, I'm casting on for that one!

I have a showing of the house in a little while so I think I will knit until I have to pack up the dogs, and the husband and hit the road. I'm taking a ride to the lighthouse and it is such a gorgeous day, I'm bringing my camera!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm fighting it.

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Buy. Yarn.

Well, I see the kind ladies at Blue Moon have done it to me again! NEW COLORS!!! New. Colors. Ok, I hate to talk about this, but I am supposed to be watching my spending. At least until the move and we sell my current house. So unless I get "discovered" by a Hollywood agent or wake up tomorrow a princess royal, the spending must stop! These BMFA people are making it very difficult at the moment!

Sorry I just had to vent there. And yes, my chevron scarf has gained some serious length these past few days! I am excited about that!

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Knitting Content!

For your viewing pleasure.....

My latest Argosy scarf!! I really love this yarn, it is wonderful.
Shiny with a very nice hand and drape! A pleasure to knit with!!!

And here's my latest Chevron!! That's Chapman Springs and Fairgrounds!!
It is much prettier in person! I am very happy with the colorways!!!

And a close up!!

I really am enjoying making scarves as my attention span is not that great lately with the move and all!!! Hopefully I will make a few more Argosy's to give as Holiday gifts! Wouldn't they be great with matching bracelets???

Monday, June 18, 2007

Thanks Pal!!!

Wow, Have I been delinquent about posting or what?? Sometimes life gets in the way you know. I have been knitting and I WILL have some new pictures this week, but I have to say THANK YOU to my secret pal ("orange peel") in the No Sheep For You Swap!! She sent me a wonderful package and while I DID sent her a private thank you in a message, she certainly deserves a public thanks as well. Here is what I got!!!

First off, there was a skein of the most unique yarn I have ever seen. It has these tufts that look almost like pom poms!! And it is definitely in my color palette! She even included a pattern for the yarn from her LYS!! And then there was yummy coffee, some tea and some adorable napkins. How did you know pal that I spill everything?? Those napkins will come in very handy!!! :) And last but certainly not least are the AWESOME stitch markers!! I just love the color combination of the poly clay beads!!! I am definitely putting those to use!!!

So thank you pal, for your kindness and generosity!! I can't wait to find out who you are!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Packages in the mail!!!!

Well, I'm happy to say, my Tea Swap 3 package AND my No Sheep for You Secret Pal package has been shipped. Phew!!! This has been a roller coaster of a week for me and I'm surprised I got them packed, wrapped and shipped!! Good News!! I AM moving to a new house soon!!! I've been like a gerbil on a wheel lately but this has made me surprisingly efficient. I think that is because I carry a notebook around and have been writing everything down! It's great, aside from the fact I have NOT been knitting at all!! Even at night. I am just so tired!!!

I also want to say thanks to everyone for the response to my Argosy knitalong!! If you haven't seen it, it's here and EVERYONE is welcome to join!!! I need to make some Argosy dishcloths for my new kitchen!!!!

So Secret Pal......with all your blog surfing lately, have you figured out who I am????? :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Knitting Goals

Well, there is one thing that is good about a blog, and that it makes you set goals, and for some strange reason, I think if I blog about them, I will actually finish them. So there is a contest, sponsored by Skeins Her Way and I read about it on B's Blog!!! Now let me say this, I'm going to keep it realistic people. Ok, semi realistic. I know I am not going to find the time to knit an entire aran sweater, matching tam and scarf. Maybe the scarf, but seriously. And I really do NOT need another sweater. I have a drawer FULL. So with that, I give you My Summer Knitting.

1. The Chevron Scarf. (Yes, my STR finally arrived and now that I have colors to work with that I like, I'm there!!)]

2. Thurmmed Mittens. (I got the kit form B and dang it (sorry I just went Southern on y'all) I will make them!!!)

3. Fetching Gloves for ME!!! (Somehow I make them, and I can't keep them. So I would like my OWN pair!!)

4. Gillie's Dog Sweater. (I have started one, so either I must finish it or make somethign for the poor little thing to wear!!)

5. TWO Argosy scarves (Those will be Christmas presents)

6. Finish the lace scarf I have been designing.

7. The Friday Scarf

So that's it. Small, and realistic. Did I mention that I will be looking for a new house and possibly moving too?? So if I do half, it will be a miracle!!!!

PS. If you do decide to enter, Be sure you mention MY blog in your email to Ali!!!! Thanks!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Show and Tell Sunday!

Here is my new scarf I am working on, until my STR arrive.

And a close up of the colorway, which is Lemongrass. I really, really like it!

This is my "newest" project bag! I confess, I LOVE totes and bags and knitting just gives me an excuse to buy more. This is from Etsy! Inside there is a section for dpns, a pocket for patterns and plenty of room. There is even a grommet on the end, for your yarn to poke through.
What a great idea!

And last, I ordered MORE yarn from Cider Moon!!! Not only is the yarn beautifully done, they are nice people too!!! The darker more "purpley" color skein is a ONE AND ONLY!!! I can definitely see that in an Argosy scarf, could you???

Friday, May 25, 2007

STR on the Way!!

My STR from Blue Moon Fiber Arts got shipped today!!! Woo Hoo!!! I will be able to start my Chevron scarf again!!! Maybe I will actually get it finished BEFORE I need it! That's a novel idea!! :)

That's all.....I just thought I would say t!! Honestly, it made my day!!!!

More tomorrow, and pictures!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Warning, Long Post Ahead......

OK, I'm back.....still playing catch up with it all (mail, email, bills, laundry, stuff) but I am here. Did we have fun, you bet! I will post some pictures on my "other" blog soon. I just finished them up and now just need to make a little album. Did I knit, yes!!! I started this scarf, with Lemongrass medium weight "STR" and I LOVE it (picture to come soon!) It was the perfect travel project!!! I even was knitting before Mark's big event. I could fit it in my evening bag!! OK, so it's alarger than normal evening bag, but I could still carry it around. I even took a picture of Mark all in his cap and gown holding the knitting, ala The Yarn Harlot and her travelling sock. See??? He was a bit embarrassed to hold the knitting, but he did it anyway!! I married a good sport!

And I am in two swaps this Summer and I am really enjoying them. It's going to be a busy knitting season!! One is the "No Sheep For You" Non Wool Swap. Shhh...this one is a secret swap. I have been getting to know my "swapee", and it is fun!!! Honestly, I LOVE wool, so I am hoping this will help "broaden my horizons" as they say to new fiber. Yes, I do knit with cotton and I love it, but I am looking forward to trying something new and funky!

The second swap is the Knitter's Tea Swap, right here on blogger! I was in this last year and really enjoyed it. The one difference about it this time is we KNOW our pal and trade with each other!! My partner is Amy (HI AMY!!!) And oh I have great plans for this package of gifts!!! I already ordered yarn that I "hope" she will love. I just need for it to arrive soon!!! I plan on shopping this week for other goodies.

Next, the Argosy KAL is now underway. Please sign up!!! This is my first time hosting a KAL and would love for it to be successful!!! Go check it out!!!

I guess that's all the knitting news I can think of for now. It's a GORGEOUS day so I think will head outside and take some knitting pictures!! I have some new goodies for show and tell and of course, the scarf. (It's no where near done, but it's a start)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quick Update!

Thanks for all your comments!!! I am definitely going to rip that out, and use the yarn for socks!!! Hopefully by the time I return from my trip to Washington, I will have a new box of "Socks That Rock"!! I did get a wonderful box of yarn from Cider Moon this week, although the weather has not been conducive to great photography so I will save that for later too!!!

The Argosy KAL is all set up and it will go "LIVE" when I come back. This will be fun. It is the first KAL I have ever hosted, so hopefully there will be more than just the pattern designer Vyvyan and myself participating!! Get out that DK weight yarn and your needles and give it a go!!! It will be fun, I promise!

OK, enough procrastinating on the computer, time to get my act together here. Hmmmm, four days away, how many projects should I pack??? :) LOL!!!! (I only have two!!!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Chevron

Here it is!! You be the judge! (No seriously, leave a comment and let me know what you think!)
Now MY feeling on this is, while it is NOT ugly, it just doesn't scream "Wow, is that AWESOME". It kind of reminds me of the sea, which I love. I am definitely undecided. I think I will hold off on knitting any more, until my NEW color combos arrive!!!

The yarn: STR in Lunasea and Downpour. I LOVE Downpour and it is probably my favorite colorway!

Close up of the colors combined!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

May I be excused???

OK, people. What is it about the Chevron Scarf from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" that makes my brain hurt. I ordered the Socks that Rock from the good people at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Great People, Great Yarn. I wound it in a ball, and commenced knitting. The pattern, love it. Small needles, love it. The yarn combo I chose, not so much. It's pretty but not "Oh My GOD, Where did you get that scarf" pretty!!!! I'll get a picture of it today.

So, back to the Blue Moon website and the Flickr group to search for inspiration. I sat so long, I felt like this:
Why is it so impossible for me to come up with the "perfect" color combo for this project. After all, it is only a scarf, not a fair isle sweater which I will have for the next 50 years and hopefully hand it down to some well meaning recipient who will continue to wear it for another 50. It is a SCARF!!!! Sigh...... It is my stubbornness to come up with a unique (ie. MINE) color combo.

So, I ordered MORE yarn. And (hanging head in shame), I "borrowed" some color combos. If I used your combo, I am sorry. I am desperate here. Chances are very slim that we will be in the same place at the same time. And if we are, I will give you FULL credit for the fabulous colors!!!

And for those of you who I interested, I am starting an Argosy KAL soon. Next week to be specific, after I return from my trip!! Anyone in??? More on that later........

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Best Compliment

Three NEW posts in one week?? Someone call the "Guinness Book of Records"!!! Well, that means I have spent way too much time focusing on knitting and not blogging on the "other" blog about personal stuffs and jewelry!!! Note to self: Get your jewelry rear in gear, bills to pay!!!

Anyway, I got the best compliment yesterday! I made a friend of mine some "ballband" dishcloths from the Mason Dixon book. Well, she remarked yesterday that since I gave them to her, she cannot use anything else and she just LOVES them!!!! That is the BEST compliment one can give a knitter!!!! Thanks Alice! Sometimes I wonder if the items I spend slaving over (granted I LIKE doing it but still...) ever get used. I just might have to make her some dish towels now!!!! :)

The Argosy is growing rapidly and I am plotting MORE for gifts. Perfect summer knitting!! It is going to be OVER 80 degrees today!!! (What is up with that???) The pollen is very heavy, and I have a migraine so it might be a winding yarn kinda day instead!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Meet my new love......

This is my "Argosy" scarf from Knitty!! I just love this pattern and why I have not done it sooner, heaven knows!!! And the specs in case you need to know:

Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Chiffon (a discontinued color) (I will probably use two skeins)
Needles: Clover Bamboo Size 6

Look at this!!! This is the hand painted yarn from Cider Moon!!! My very first order from them and it will NOT be my last!! This yarn is GORGEOUS!!!! It's buttery soft and the colors are to die for. They even included samples of the other yarns they offer. Enough to knit a few rows with to see how it is. What a nice touch!!!
And here are the colors close up. From left to right, are Taos, Istanbul and Sweet Potato Pie!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Works in Progress Part 1

The current works in progress, the pictures!!

Gillie's Denim Dog Sweater from "Doggy Knits". This is super cute with a little seed stitch border and collar. I am really enjoying knitting with Rowan Denim too!!

The Lace scarf Pattern I am designing. This is just a small swatch. The full pattern will be available HERE on the blog once I finish!! Oh yah, that's Sea Silk in Paris!!!

Tea Cozy from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" in pumpkin colored Mission Falls 1824 Wool. My favorite washable wool of all time! It matches my kitchen PERFECTLY!!! I just have to sew this little bugger together, which is why it is NOT complete yet. I hate sewing!!! :)

More pictures coming soon of Argosey!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this addicting pattern!!! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year??? (wink)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen......

The perfect knitting bag. Oh yah, I have been eyeing the Lexie Barnes and Namaste bags now for quite sometime. It was love at first site. Unfortunately, I have a TON of bags and would rather have MORE yarn, than a new bag. But I was checking out the new Vera Bradley collection that is a direct link to THE bag, in case you want one too!!) and found this:This is the outside, The large pocket in the bag can fit a paperback and wallet, because hey sometimes you feel like reading!!! And the straps are great over your shoulder.
Not too big, or too small!!!

This is the inside. I even got pictures of the works in progress for another post. (Hmmm maybe tomorrow) What you cant see is the three little pockets along the side. They are big enough for a skein of Rowan Denim to fit in. And on the other side, there is a large zippered pocket. I keep my pattern copies and extra needles) in there!

This is Lucy guarding my knitting. I don't think she could understand why I was taking a picture without her in it. She is a big ham!

More later, complete with Works in Progress Pictures!!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stash from Hell

You know your stash as grown to GIGANTIC proportions when your husband remarks about the two large boxes in the bedroom of yarn and says they look like they should be on a loading dock waiting to go on a freighter!!!! Naturally it didn't help matters when I casually remarked, "Oh that's just the wool". Meaning to him, the house is overrun with yarn. Um, yes, but I have hidden it so well, it doesn't look it. I will get a picture of "just the wool" as soon as I dust the bedroom and vacuum. I also collect pug hair...ha ha!!!

So, I have been trying to organize "the stash". It is overwhelming. So, in Fly Lady fashion, I am doing it bit by bit, 15 minutes at a time. I got all the cotton in one box, dishcloth cotton in another. Novelty yarns all together. So, why on earth do I buy novelty yarn, blech, but I have some, should the need for something totally frilly and useless arise.

I also got a copy of the latest Yarn Harlot book!!! I LOVE it!!! There is a section about stashes in there as well. I also ordered my VERY OWN copy of Barbara Walker's Treasury (Volume 1) because I checked it out of the library so often, I think they were starting to wonder about me. I consider that $30 well spent!!!

Back later with some stash pictures!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A New Swap!!

OK, I caved in. I just signed up for the "No Sheep For You Swap"!! I know, I know, I said no more swaps but I met my dear friend Hanane through one of these swaps and hopefully I can find another "friend in knit" to correspond with!!! This one requires no finished knitted items (which is good for me, since I can't seem to finish a thing these days!) Just two skeins of non wool yarn. Admittedly, I love wool, but I do love cottons, bamboo and silk, so this should be fun!!! The deadline is tomorrow, so it was do or die day, today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!!

I also did away with the KALS. The One Skein one was terrific during the swap but I never posted anymore and from the looks of it, I was not the only one!!! And the Mason Dixon one could not switch to the new blogger, so that one I had to give up, very sadly I might add. Hopefully, I will join some again soon, but with my lack of projects, it is kind of silly to join with nothing to post!

Since I am in the joining mood, any other good swaps out there????? I might do two this round!!! Hopefully this will boost up the knitting blog and make me finish some projects!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Donde Estas???

Oh it has been way too long in fact, that my "other" blog has almost 100 MORE posts!!!! Sigh...... I better get posting more frequently as my pattern in the Debbie Stoller Calendar goes into the bookstores soon and THIS blog is the one attached to the pattern. Wouldn't want people to think I was a "One Hit Wonder" now, would I???

So there has been knitting. No finishing, but definitely knitting. I am designing a lace scarf as we speak. I like how it is coming along, but I need to concentrate while knitting lace and since we are now in full blown allergy season, concentration is just not happening for me. So the lace, is based on a Barbara Walker Pattern (LOVE her books) and done with Sea Silk in the Paris colorway, just to tease you a bit!! Hopefully I can sit down and work on it this weekend!!!

I have also noticed a new trend going around. The "Chevron Scarf" from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock. I have wanted to use this yarn for some time now. The colors really do ROCK. In fact, I studied the color chart so long this week, my brain actually started to hurt! You need TWO contrasting colorways, and I cannot decide. After polling several of my friends, I think I have made a decision. Now I just need to make a purchase!

Let's see, what else am I making???? Mainly jewelry as it is getting to be my "busy season" with the art gallery!!! Which is good because that means MORE $$$ for yarn!!!!

And since this blog needs some pictures......I'll leave you with these.

Friday, April 06, 2007

I have returned!!!

Wow, have I been delinquent to the knitting blog or what???? I know!!! I have been knitting though, bits and pieces of things. But, let me tell you about the yarn SCORE I got recently.....

Let's see, Little Knits was having a sale on Sea Silk. If you do not have any, go get some, NOW!!!! It is shiny and fabulous. It is never on sale, that I have seen, so I got a skein (or two). Colorways are Paris and Glacier for those who care. Next, I went to the LYS for Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I decided to try the scarf portion of the scarf/shawl/wrap combo from "Alterknits". I love it but it needs the kidsilk, no doubt about it. I tried it without but the kidsilk makes it all soft and heavenly looking. I will be making the entire thing in cream later on, I just had enough yarn for the scarf. And while I was there (because you didn't think I ran in there got 2 skeins of kidsilk and left, did you??) I got Rowan denim for 40% off!! 40%%!!! After the EMTs resuscitated me, I got the bag! And two skeins of Lorna's Laces bulky for 40% off too!!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yarn to Donate

OK, it's been awhile. Does anyone read this anymore?? I know my friend Donna posted the link to my row counter bracelet on her site, so welcome to anyone new!!! On the knitting front, it is a sad state of affairs around these parts. I cannot seem to finish a project no matter how hard I try. So, in lieu of updates, I decided to post this question.

Where can I donate yarn????

I have been up in my attic deciding to get rid of all the stuff I have up there. Beanie Babies, suitcases I will no longer need, clothing that well, (gulp) no longer fits..... you name it, it is there. Anyway, I have oodles of yarn, mostly Lion Brand from when I was knitting for the sailors via "Ships Support". I did find one nice charity but they only take wool. This is acrylic or mostly acrylic. If anyone has any good charities with websites, leave a comment or you can private message me as well!!! Thanks!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cactus anyone???

Guess what?? I found out I can offer my cactus pattern to you here, on my blog!!! Let me spruce up the pattern a bit by adding a photo or two and then I will publish it under the "Patterns and Freebies" section to the right!!! :) If anyone is interested in making one, please send me a picture of your finished cactus for a gallery (include your name and blog or web address too and I'll gladly post that as well!!)

Also, I was thinking of hosting a KAL for this. They are so much fun to make, super quick and best of all, do not need watering or any care aside from an occasional dusting!!! I'm also planning on creating MORE cactus patterns soon!!

My "continental" knitting is coming along and the tension is finally evening out. I have been practicing making MDK baby bibs for my friend's new grand baby!! (I'll be sure to get a few pictures before I give them to her!!)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Purling: The Knit Stitch's Evil Twin

Last night, even though I have an "emergency" baby git to make, I decided I needed to practice my "Continental" knitting. I have always wanted to learn this way, the faster, more efficient method of knitting. I got the knit stitch some time ago, but needed to work on evening out the tension. Surprisingly, after not knitting this way, I picked it up and it actually felt comfortable, familiar. So this morning, come hell or high water, I was going to conquer the purl stitch, continental style. I had flashbacks to when I was small, sitting at my mother's kitchen table, the plastic needles and acrylic yarn in hand, while she not so patiently taught me to purl. Telling me it was simply, knitting backwards. HA!!

I cannot believe I actually "got it". Yay!!! I am on my way to knitting "Continental". Since it is a nice day out today....50's and sunny, I might have to go outside and practice!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Classic Mittens

Well, here they are, my "Classic Mittens". I really love this pattern, simple, and yet they fit exceptionally well. Pardom the picture, as I have just shovelled the driveway in them and they were a bit, well, very damp!!!

The Pattern: An old 1960's leaflet purchased by my mother. Cost of the pattern in 1960 - 50 cents....amazing!!!

The Yarn: None other than Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in the Buck's Bar colorway.

The Time: One weekend.

I am definitely making more of these!!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Pattern Got Published!!!

Guess what??? I've been published!!! I now have a pattern in the "Stitch n' Bitch" calendar by Debbie Stoller!!! It's been in the "works" for awhile now, but I just got the "check" which means it's official and I can announce it.

Well, what is it??? A knitted cactus. A knitted "Barrel" cactus inspired by my many trips (and dream of living in the desert) to Arizona. Let's face it, I cannot grow a damn thing. I have a "prayer plant" that manages to live only because they need very little maintenance besides water, and a bamboo plant because all that needs is water. So I figured, why not knit myself a plant. It was one of those "fluke" ideas that actually worked. I think I made it in an afternoon. It's easy, it's felted and (ahem) in MY opinion, super cute.

I "might" be able to offer the pattern here, but I need to check out this fact in case YOU want to make one too!!!
The Knitted Version

The Inspiration

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pictures for you....

Ok, I know I've been promising pictures and here they are! I know, try not to fall off your chair.

First, we have the Irish Hiking Wristlets. Everyone loves the Hiking Scarf pattern, including me! The yarn on these was Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. I like the yarn, but I would not make them again in it, due to the "washiblity" factor, especially if these are given as a gift. Not everyone follows washing and drying directions and these could end up rather felted and tiny!! The model is my friend Holly who scoffed these up on her latest visit to my studio!!!

Next, the "Fabulous Fetching" Wristlets. I ADORE this pattern. These I had finished quite some time ago, but did not want to post them as they were a birthday gift for a friend who just happens to read my blog! I didn't want to spoil the surprise!! The yarn on this was one of my favorite wools of all time, Mission Falls 1824. I have two more sets of these on the needles as we speak!

And finally, my new box of roving. It arrived the day I started to get the flu, so I opened it, admired it and it is still sitting in the studio. I have looked over the books I ordered on spinning from the library, and the one I got at Barnes and Noble, so maybe next week I can give it a "whorl"...ha!!! The Corriedale purple is so soft and the most gorgeous color. Everything came from Hello Yarn.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day dear blog readers. It's been awhile since I have posted and honestly, I have been very, very sick from the latest "stomach virus du jour". I always post more regularly on the "original" blog in case you like to read what I have to say (follow the link at the left ---->>). Seriously though, I am down for the count and have not even been able to knit, now that's what I call sick!! You can only imagine how BORED to TEARS I am right now. I just wanted to pop something up here to check in and say hi and I'll see you next week.

For fun V-day reading, The Yarn Harlot and Franklin have some seriously funny posts up today!!! Read and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spinning Is My New Hobby!!

OK, I'm horrible about pictures. I have taken some, but they are in the camera. I know, great place for them. I need to start one of those "Fliker" albums or something!! But, I just had to fill you in.

I ORDERED ROVING AND A DROP SPINDLE. I am weak, I have admitted that before. It sure didn't take long. Sunday morning I was waiting for a friend to stop over to go shopping and out to lunch and I had time to kill. So I ordered. I could have uploaded photos, or even did some sit ups....but no, I bought roving. Then I figured I would pick up a spinning book at good ol B&N. So my fate is sealed, I am about to become a spinner!!!

Also, I realized that I cannot knit on needles bigger than a size 11. I think I have said this before too. I started the "Fillipi Scarf" from "One Skein Wonders" (which is one terrific book) and promptly ripped it out (sorry everyone, I hate the term "frogging or frog pond". ew.) It called for a 13. I couldn't. I tried the 11 and it was a bit thin for my tastes. Hmm.... maybe the same pattern, more stitches, in a smaller gauge yarn. Aha!!! That's it!!! The pattern is super cute. It would be a shame not to make one!!!

I don't even know if anyone reads this, but do you want me to do a "6 Weird Things About Me" like everyone who blogs seems to be doing. Leave a comment. I would like to know if someone is out there!!! And just because I need to say soon!!! :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Yarn Binge

It's finally official, the yarn diet has turned into a yarn binge. You knew that would happen, right?? Well, I went to San Antonio recently (hence the complete lack of posting on the knitting blog...sigh). And I went yarn shopping with my good friend Donna. We decided to make a day of yarn shopping going to the only two shops in the area, but they were great shops!!!

First we went to the "Yarn Barn" on McCullough. This was a great shop. My friend knows the owner so we had a nice conversation with her while she showed us all the new stuff. She had these really cool "jelly" bags with a special yarn pocket and a nice "grommetted" hole coming out the side for your working yarn. Nice. Also, she had the BEST selection of needles I had ever seen. Every brand in every size!!!! I wish I lived closer!!!

So, then we hit "Sonic". OK, Sonic is a big deal to me because we just don't have them in MA. Too cold and icy I guess. Actually, I am glad we don't have them, because I probably would be there every day!!!

Next stop, "Yarnivore". This little shop in a strip mall was great!! The two owners are military wives, who happen to be from my neck of the woods!!! They had a nice selection and I managed to purchase a few skeins. Namely a wonderful bamboo in a gorgeous navy shade, and some angora in purple. I have no plans for these, but I love the colors. BUT, the big thing was the rovings. Now, I am NOT a spinner, at least not yet!!! :) Well, come to find out, Donna had purchased a drop spindle recently and I helped her pick out rovings. All I can say is one touch of the raw silk and I was sold. You know where this is going, right??

Did I buy spinning supplies? No. I did however order some spinning books form the library to do a wee bit of light reading before going all gung-ho and purchasing. After all, the attic does not need any more craft stuff up there!!!

Here are some pictures!

This is my loot!!! Not bad. After all, remember I had to pack it to get it home!!!!

This is Donna's car. This is Donna's car filled with yarn!
The bag on the right is mine. The rest belongs to her!! Yes, she went nuts!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I surrender

I surrender. I bought yarn. I am hopeless. It's been 21 days......not too shabby, right??? **grin** OK, you want to hear the story??? Well, I needed size 0 and 1 dpns. (yes, I plan on knitting socks...I know, I know somethign I said I would never do.) NO PLACE NEAR ME CARRIED SMALL NEEDLES. OK, no places with yarn I would be tempted to increase the stash size with. They are "safe places" for me to be. WalMart, AC Moore, Michael's and JoAnn Fabric all batted 0. I found 2's...but nothing smaller. Instead of going to the LYS (of which there are several near me, and since I am weak, and it would be like taking a chocoholic into a sweet shop), I opted for The Fabric Place. OK, the yarn selection there is a good one, I will give them that. BUT they had several brands of dpns to choose from and I knew it so.......

I bought. How could I not?? Surrounded by fiber, and oh the colors!! Along with my needle selection, a lone skein of Noro Silk Garden "fell into my bag". ::wink wink:: I plan on making these with it.

And yes, this week I will get photos of my finished objects (namely the fingerless mitts) so you will have something to look at while I jet off to San Antonio TX while Mark is at a meeting. And I will be knitting the entire time!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Please make it stop. Thank you.

This is a message for the people in R&D (research and development) at all the major yarn companies. STOP!! Just STOP it. I beg of you, please stop!! Please do not continue to come up with new and exciting yarns for me to try. Just do not report to your desk any longer. Your services are no longer required!!!! (This has been a community service message for all the "This year I will knit from my stash" people. Thank you. And now back to your regularly scheduled program!)

OK, this morning I check my emails and lo and behold a newsletter from the fine gals at kpixie. If you have not been there, go now. It's a great site with awesome yarns. Lots of indie stuff. Love it!! Well, it turns out that SWTC now makes a yarn called Tofutsies. Cute huh?? No, it's made from crab shells and it's for socks. Great colors too. I want some. No I need some. it is far too tempting because as a vegetarian, I could really use some yarn with tofu in the title, don't you think??? MUST RESIST THE URGE TO BUY. This could take all the will power I have people. All of it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Warshrag A Go-Go

I completely forgot to show you my "Ball Band" dishcloths (or "warshrags") from Mason Dixon Knitting. I got so excited over this pattern, I just couldn't stop!!! I liked knitting them so much, I joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL too!!!! I packaged them in sets of two, included a kitchen soap from Bath and Body Works in a color to match, and a fancy gift bag!!! They were very well recieved!!!
Here is a picture of the trio.

I called this duo "Desert". I loved the sage green color.
I need to work with this color more!!!
This one I named "happy" because pink and orange make me feel happy inside!!!
And this one is "Sunny Day"

I did make a few for me as well, but they are "in service" at the moment!! And if you 'fly" on the "Fly Lady" program, these are perfect for shining your sink!!!