Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Warning, Long Post Ahead......

OK, I'm back.....still playing catch up with it all (mail, email, bills, laundry, stuff) but I am here. Did we have fun, you bet! I will post some pictures on my "other" blog soon. I just finished them up and now just need to make a little album. Did I knit, yes!!! I started this scarf, with Lemongrass medium weight "STR" and I LOVE it (picture to come soon!) It was the perfect travel project!!! I even was knitting before Mark's big event. I could fit it in my evening bag!! OK, so it's alarger than normal evening bag, but I could still carry it around. I even took a picture of Mark all in his cap and gown holding the knitting, ala The Yarn Harlot and her travelling sock. See??? He was a bit embarrassed to hold the knitting, but he did it anyway!! I married a good sport!

And I am in two swaps this Summer and I am really enjoying them. It's going to be a busy knitting season!! One is the "No Sheep For You" Non Wool Swap. Shhh...this one is a secret swap. I have been getting to know my "swapee", and it is fun!!! Honestly, I LOVE wool, so I am hoping this will help "broaden my horizons" as they say to new fiber. Yes, I do knit with cotton and I love it, but I am looking forward to trying something new and funky!

The second swap is the Knitter's Tea Swap, right here on blogger! I was in this last year and really enjoyed it. The one difference about it this time is we KNOW our pal and trade with each other!! My partner is Amy (HI AMY!!!) And oh I have great plans for this package of gifts!!! I already ordered yarn that I "hope" she will love. I just need for it to arrive soon!!! I plan on shopping this week for other goodies.

Next, the Argosy KAL is now underway. Please sign up!!! This is my first time hosting a KAL and would love for it to be successful!!! Go check it out!!!

I guess that's all the knitting news I can think of for now. It's a GORGEOUS day so I think will head outside and take some knitting pictures!! I have some new goodies for show and tell and of course, the scarf. (It's no where near done, but it's a start)