Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Best Compliment

Three NEW posts in one week?? Someone call the "Guinness Book of Records"!!! Well, that means I have spent way too much time focusing on knitting and not blogging on the "other" blog about personal stuffs and jewelry!!! Note to self: Get your jewelry rear in gear, bills to pay!!!

Anyway, I got the best compliment yesterday! I made a friend of mine some "ballband" dishcloths from the Mason Dixon book. Well, she remarked yesterday that since I gave them to her, she cannot use anything else and she just LOVES them!!!! That is the BEST compliment one can give a knitter!!!! Thanks Alice! Sometimes I wonder if the items I spend slaving over (granted I LIKE doing it but still...) ever get used. I just might have to make her some dish towels now!!!! :)

The Argosy is growing rapidly and I am plotting MORE for gifts. Perfect summer knitting!! It is going to be OVER 80 degrees today!!! (What is up with that???) The pollen is very heavy, and I have a migraine so it might be a winding yarn kinda day instead!!!