Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cashmere Found!

Look what I found!!! FOUR skeins of worsted weight cashmere in a gorgeous deep purple. There is about 400+ yards. Now the question here is what should I make with it?? Any ideas??? Please leave a comment if you know of a great pattern for this beautiful yarn!!!
Dear B (thanks for your comment!), and the other inquiring cashmere knitters.....

While I would love to say that these balls of cashmere goodness rained down from the sky, I found them hidden in the bottom of one of my yarn "tubs" that we all have!!!! I have no idea WHY I purchased it or for what. Chances are I was sucked in by both the color and softness!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Hat!!!!

So when last we spoke, I confessed to my complete lack of concentration and the ability to follow a simple rib pattern. Well armed with a fresh skein of Lorna's Laces and my size 7 circulars, I started, and completed the ribbed hat!!! Lookee here:

I love this hat! No, I mean LOVE. Why?? Well Mark used to tell me I looked horrible in hats and honestly, after seeing a few photos of me on vacation, I do. But this hat looks, dare I say it, not bad.I have been running lately (mostly inside due to some lower leg injuries that occurred in days of yore) but sometimes I run the beach. And I do need a hat. Really now, it is windy and cold, and yet I refuse.

So if you are down in Hull, MA and you see a runner on the beach in black with one bad ass hat, and you think, that looks like the Irving Park colorway from Lorna's Laces, that would be me. And it wouldn't be so bad to stop me to say hi, I just might need a break!

Next up, mitts to match!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Pictures for YOU!!!!

And finally, we have my gift knitting from 2007.......I made all of this in such a short amount of time, I needed super quick knits with no concentration allowed. It was a rough Fall, to say the least!

First we have "Fetchings". Honestly this is one of my favorite patterns of all time!! Super quick and in my opinion, make the best gifts!! If you got a pair as a gift, wouldn't you be thrilled?? I paired them with matching earrings. These two are knitted using Mission Falls 1824 Wool (another favorite). Another pair was made in red pepper using Knitpicks Swish, but the photo did not do them justice!

Next up, we have the Ribbed Cap from 101 One Skein Wonders. This is an easy hat, very comfortable, minimal shaping and cute. Both were gifts. Well, let me rephrase that, one ended up gifted. The other had to be ripped out!!! I got to the decreases on the gray one and realized the rib was supposed to be K2 P2!!! Heh. See??? I told you I cannot concentrate!! Both were knitted in Cascade 220. This pattern might end up to be my old standby hat!

I saw this pattern on Mag Knits and knew I had to knit it. It's great! And easy 12 row repeat that looks more complicated than it is! Knit in Swish from Knitpicks in the Camel Heather colorway, this yarn blocked like a champ!!! I think this took me 4 days! I made this for a friend and he LOVED it.
Last but not least.... I learned a valuable lesson of practice what you preach. I purchased some time ago, Morehouse Merino to make the "leglets" from their free pattern section. This is a great stash buster, if you ask me! About 200 yards or so of worsted weight! Who doesn't have that in their stash??? And I just love the length, they can be worn "dancer style" slouch over the heels. Great for yoga! Well, little did I know that the 2 skeins were so very DIFFERENT. LOOK!!! I was shocked. I didn't alternate skeins and I paid the price. Well, now they are mine because I couldn't give them away like that, right?? I did love the wool, it was soft, squooshy and very warm! So I made another pair in Lorna's Laces in the Black Purl Colorway.....much better.

And right now I am making a ribbed cap for me, in Lorna's Laces Irving Park for my beach runs.....and so far I am using the correct rib!!! :) More later........ I promise to try to update at least once a week........

Friday, January 04, 2008

Can it really be over a month since I updated?? And yes, the pictures I promised are still in the camera. I will get to them this weekend!!! I am still finishing up some gifts....I am so behind this year!!

And thanks for all your kind compliments on my pattern featured in the Stitch and Bitch 2008 Page A Day Calendar!! I am February 1st!!! I still have yet to see it. My bookshop was out of them, and I am still waiting for my free copy, which should be here soon....I hope!!! For those of you who do not have it, I will be posting it as a freebie shortly!! And there is another freebie pattern in the works as well. My "goal this year" is to make a pattern each month and post it here. I am feeling much more creative these days!!!

Just a drive by update to let you know I am still here....and knitting......

Pictures this weekend, it's a promise!