Tuesday, December 19, 2006


For those of you who read my seriously pathetic little knititng blog, you are probably wondering, hey, where'd she go?? Did she abandon knitting??? Nope, I'm here. Battling bronchitis, holidays and other assorted treasures of the season. I say "treasures" a tad sarcastically because anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I HATE this time of year. Long story and I will save you from reading a long rant and uttering "Scrooge" under your breath. Save it.

But why didn't anyone tell me that the "Fetching" fingerless gloves from Knitty were so damn addictive!!! No seriously. I had a wee bit of time on my hands lately and broke out the dpns and went to town. By me saying I got out the dpns you know I was in serious need of somethign to do. I never cared for knitting with dpns and avoided them like the plague....until now. Actually I have alot on my knitting bag lately, which I will get pictures of in the new year (oh that old tune again...)....but I keep thinking about finishing those gloves. I finished one, and usually, that ends the story. It sits, in a ziploc, nestled with the remaining yarn and a promise to return and finish it's mate. Not this time people. I couldn't wait to start (and finish) and I'm almost done too...and secretly planning on making more....... MUST MAKE MORE!!! I am addicted to this pattern!!!

Ok, go enjoy the holiday, stress all out and complain. I'm here...knitting....and happy!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Heeeeellllllloooo.......do I hear an echo in here?? Bueller???? Bueller??? (remember that movie??) I know, what can I say.......the design studio has been exceptionally busy and you don't here me complaining....but it has left a void in the knitting department. I did manage to knit some presents but other than that, knitting has taken a back seat these days!! I have been trying to knit in between life....... the sick dog, the shopping, the cooking, the designing, packaging and mailing (remember I am a one woman show here)........

So, I'm just dropping by to say that I will be blogging more, and by more I mean at least TWICE a week on the knitting blog in the new year!!! I will be back with new patterns, stuff, resolutions (because it just isn't new year's without them!!)

Until 2007, knit on......

Friday, November 17, 2006

Long time, no knit!!

I know, I know, it has been a long time. I have been knitting......and there will be pictures but not with this weather. It has been horrible since I have returned from my trip. No seriously the rain and cloudy days are getting to me. What happened to those crisp fall days out on the deck in a comfy sweater knitting in the sunshine. And to top it off, it is WARM....almost 70!!! (Oh, I am in New England not Texas!!)

So, knitting, what, when and why????

I have been making the Sugar on Snow from Knitty like mad!! I have three done , all in Lorna's Laces wonderful colorways!! They are for gifts....not if I can just add some matching earrings they will be ready to go!!

Bath mitts. Does anyone else get the Martha Stewart Holiday magazine. Worht the $7 or whatever the cost!! Typically I am NOT a fan, but this issue might turn me into a Martha groupie!! It does have some knitting content in it too, BUT there is a recipe for bath fizzies in it, that when paired with a bath mitt, make a wonderful gift!!!

And finally, the "Ball Band" dishcloths from MDK!! I LOVE making them and decided to make a few. Again, a nice gift when paired with some nice kitchen soap (Bath and Body Works or Williams Sonoma) all in a cute basket!!!

I also joined the Monthly Dishcloth KnitAlong!!! What a fun group!! I even found a super pattern that I am going to make a BIG bunch of for a friend who just moved into a new house! Oh I am terrible.....I am not saying what or who because she "might" read this and I really want this to be a surprise!!!!

So there you have it. If it ever stops raining I will get some pictures........or I will be on the news, floating in a row boat down my street....... knitting..........

Friday, November 03, 2006

52 days!!!

Ok, I'll admit it, my favorite things to knit these days are accessories. I know, not the most challenging of items unless you are knitting gloves, with the fingers...... but I love 'em. Quick projects are like the instant gratification you get while going through a drive thru.... "I'd like a hat, and two scarves, please"...."drive up to the window"...... :) (Can you tell I've been through a drive thur or two in my time????) And I do NOT knit socks...that's a whole new obession that I'd rather not take on. Sock knitting has come so far these days but I refuse to get lured in by some pretty yarn and hand dyes...... I refuse.

So, we're leaving again for a meeting for Mark. Which means I will be sightseeing, absorbing local color (say it like Ricky Ricardo), and hopefully knitting. I have four, count 'em F-O-U-R balls of Lorna's Laces Worsted and a goal......make as many "Sugar on Snow" neck gaiters, cowls, or warmers (whatever you call them) as fast as I can. Did you know there is only 52 days left until Christmas....FIFTY TWO people!!!!!! So, this is going to be my gift this year........... If I spoiled your gift for you this year.......well, deal with it. I'm hooked on these darn things and I will knit them until I cannot see straight. I am waiting for some beads I ordered from a lampworking friend to arrive so I can make coordinating jewelry....there I've gone and spoiled the ENTIRE gift!!!! I will be back on Wednesday with pictures......and knitted items...... and maybe a story or two......

Knit on people...you have 52 days!!! :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Coming soon.....

......to a Christmas tree near you!!!! Will it be YOUR tree???? Today, I finally got around to taking a picture of the "Sugar on Snow" knitted neck cowl or warmer from KNITTY!!! For those of you who want the specs.....the yarn is Lorna's Laces Worsted in "Motherlode" (and yes I did gauge it because the original was made with two strands of DK from Knitpicks) and the needles were #9 16" circulars like the pattern required. I did do the icord on #7s for the record, and skipped the leaves on it. Ok, my "plan" was to add these big holed silver beads I have BUT the cord was too thick. I will make another with a smaller cord and we will see what happens!!!

So that's it.....Thanks Lynnea for lighting a fire under my butt and making me get out and take the picture!!! I'm currently designing a little felted ipod "cozy" with BEADS!!!! And I will take a picture soon. I'm headin' out of town (again!!) on Saturday and I'm winding up more Lorna's Laces to make neck cowls with so you just might be the lucky recipient of one this holiday season!!! :)

Monday, October 30, 2006


Oh yah, it's been a week..... and YES, I have been knitting and beading and the creative juices are back on track. Sorry for the lack of posting...... I will try to do better (hanging head in shame)!!!

Today, I finally got around to posting my baby bibs!!! I just love them...aren't they sweet???? I crocheted a simple ruffle on the botton to make them extra "girlie". I even found some cute buttons in my button box!!! I plan on making more of these...they are totally easy, and require no concentration. Then I will not have to hurry when I need a baby gift...smart thinkin' huh???

I will have MORE pictures this week. I just finished "Sugar on Snow" from Knitty. It is adorable...kudos to the designer!!! They make nice gifts too..... :) I just need to find some embellishment for the icord and I'll take a picture (or two)!!!!!

Knit on friends!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am weak.......

The muse and the mojo are back in sync again...ahhhhh....and I am working my way throught he Mason Dixon baby bibs!!! Admittedly, while boring and ultra simple, they are PERFECT for getting the creative juices flowing again and addictive little suckers to say the least. For my sample, I crocheted a wee edge along the border...cute. I will take pictures when I am done. I think they will be sweet, done up in ribbons in a little basket......(I'll take a picture)

And I am weak to the call of fiber.....I don't know what it is, the touch, the smell, the compulsive need to purchase things..I dunno. But I was catching up on my blog reading and saw the Mason Dixon blog today and the GLORIOUS scarf made with sea silk. Oh yah, I MUST have some. I have been dying to try out this yarn.....and decided I will buy TODAY, NOW, IMMEDIATELY. I did some searchin' and found a woman in Maine who sells the pattern and the yarn on ebay. With PRIORITY mail shipping because (ahem) I need it NOW. And I started thinking I don't live all THAT far from Maine (about 4 hours) so I could drive up there...ok, I am ahead of myself now, I don't need it THAT BADLY!!! I must finish the baby bibs first....yes, I must! Ok, so it is on it's way.......woo hoo.........And it is lace weight and you know what that means....lots of knitting, on one single skein....love those little needles. That is how I learned to knit, so I prefer tiny needles over the BIG honkin' ones (which to me is ANYTHING bigger than size 11). (And I'll take a picture)

Well, that's about it. I think I should make some supper.........or else Mark will come home to a kitchen table full of yarn, as opposed to a kitchen table full of food. I think he prefers the latter......

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm back (again)

I'm back from my Seattle trip, and might have some baby bibs to show, but I just wanted to say thank you to Holly of HollYarn for the terrific package for the Knitter's Tea Swap 2!!!! Thanks girl!!! I did take pictures and will post them here and on the site when I get my act together!!!! I love everything!! :)

I didn't knit much in Seattle or visit one yarn shop (perish the thought!!) because my tour guide and host had me busy from sun up to sun down!! I literally fell into bed every night exhausted!!! I had a blast!! I will be posting pictures on the regular blog sometime this week, like I said, when I get my act together here!!!

Ok, off to empty the suitcase........

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Back To The Basics

Oh yah, you've all been sitting there in anticipation waitng to see all the knitting that was finished on my Nantucket getaway......well....sorry, there is none. What?? How could this be????? Well, I think I have the knitter's version of ADD. (and I am not making light of people who have this condition, not at all) I cannot concentrate on knitting. I started a new Branching Out, ripped it out twice. Blamed the yarn. (Knitpicks Elegance) Which I am not longer going to buy. I do have a FULL bag of it in "fog" (hey kinda like my mind) for a shawl....which will be in the bag for another decade or so!!! I think the yarn hs gone downhill in quality, my humble opinion only here.....anyone else agree??

Ok, true to my knitting roots, and extra project was packed.....less a stitch marker, but a paperclip pitch hitted for that......almost done and somehow, the eyelet row combined with my complete lack of coordination messed it up. I ripped it out, figuring I would knit on the boat but some serious wave action from a storm prevented that. I figured the pitch and roll of the ferry combined with the motion of the knitting equaled disaster.....so I listened to Elton John's new album instead!

So I am back to basics. Let's get the mojo flowing again! I pulled out all the Sugar and Cream stock I had, selected some colors, and went to work on some baby bibs (from Mason Dixon) for someone in Mark's office who is expecting their first grandchild. And apparently, is not letting anyone in the office forget this fact, so gifts will be needed!!! I'll make those and some burb rags (babies are messy!!) and put them in a sweet little basket. Cute and functional. Ok, after spending the past year devoted to cables and more complex items...this is ::yawn:: boring, but the mojo is flowing!!!!

Soon I hope to post photos of knitting, but if you are starved for pictures, pop over to my regular blog and check out my Nantucket snaps!!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am Lame.

Ok, I am hanging my head in shame.....there has been NO KNITTING at all. I read other people's blogs and they are knitting fabulous items, and me?? NOT ONE BLOODY THING!!!! This has been a crazy month to say the least.......and the ONLY time I got to knit was on the plane...excuses, excuses. I know, if you love it, you will find time. I do, but there is no time! Honestly.........

My stash has exploded all over my spare room, so I am thinking yarn, but getting it on the needles is another thing. Emails are piling up, no new jewelry either...what is wrong with me???? So if you come here looking for knitting, you ain't gonna find it, not now at least!!!

I need to get motivated. Anyone?? Send me your motivational help......hey, maybe that would be a topic for a good new book....."Motivational Help For Knitters In Distress". What do you do to get motivated????

Ok, now that I have completely told the world how LAME I am......I am making up my Knitter's Tea Swap package!!! See??? I am thinking knitting!!!I love what I am sending, hopefully my "pal" will too!!! I will take a picture before I send it. All the contents are in the box, now I just need to wrap up the items for a nice presentation, and seal it up and away we go!!! I did have to go to Trader Joe's and pick up some dark chocolate. I bought milk, but she prefers dark. Believe me, it will not be wasted!!! I LOVE the milk stuff....dark not so much so I will have a little stash for myself!!! :)

Maybe that will motivate me.......

Monday, September 25, 2006

Knit Happens, or NOT!

Ok, so I am not a "frequent poster" on this blog!! If you want to see what I am really up to, feel free to pop over to my "main" blog, The West End Designs Journal. Truthfully, the knitting took a back seat this weekend to family obligations, so there is no news. But don't they say no news is good news?? Hopefully this week, I will be able to show some FINISHED projects....although doubtful. But I do hope to find time to knit a bit, at least. Well, there is LOTS of reality tv, and knitting during the program makes me feel like I am not wasting my time, not to mention brain cells, watching trashy tv!!

I am having fun with the new swap! It's about knitting and tea, two things I love dearly!! I have corresponded with my secret pal AND the person I have to spoil with a package is so nice. She lives in Singapore!! I can't wait to put her package together. I hope she likes what I have planned!!! I am going witht a theme...Nantucket, since I will be going there next week! She will be getting a wee taste of New England in a box!!! Hopefully I can get that into the mail THIS week, even though the deadline is October 15th. I have so much to do this month!!

Alright, enough chat as this was supposed to be a quickie update......knit on friends!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lucy, My Model

Hi Knitting Friends.....

This is my pug Lucy, and a scarf from the ONE Skein book that I started yesterday. Ok, I am planning on giving these as a gift, so I need YOUR opinion. There will be two, one in this camel color and one in blue. I need to finish them asap. BUT, while I like the pattern, I am starting to wonder if it is too skinny for a man. The pattern wwas modeled on men, but I can't decide. The colors are "manish" but do men really wear skinny scarves???? I don't know. Mark doesn't like scarves at all, so what's a girl to do??? Turn to her knitting buddies, that's what! Feel free to leave me a comment or a PM (private message) as to your thoughts.

Oh, in case you want to know, it is Plymouth Yarns, Indiecta Brand Suri Merino (55% Suri Alpaca and 45% Extra Fine Merino) It's like butter...so soft and warm..I love it. I do have some pink and peach for ME!! (ok, well maybe a gift). And it's not too expensive either. I'm not sure if I would like an entire sweater with it, but I'm not sure......

Send me your comments....please......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I joined another one!

I did it!! I joined the "Destash - Cash for your Stash" blog!! And last night I posted my first item, YARN!! Go over and check it out. Email me if you are interested!!! I have tons more that I plan on posting!!! Between that, and some of the jewelry making supplies I have posted on my own journal page, I hope to make a few $$ for new stuff!!! Out with the old, and in with the NEW!! :) That's my new motto!!!

Well, I haven't been doing much in the way of knitting!! I just got a heapin' helpin' of pearls from Thailand and am working on some new designs. I also need to get crackin' and work on my NEW blog that my friend, Hanane and I are starting...... So much to do, so little time. I think they should add some extra hours in the day especially for the arts......I sure could use it!!

I'm off to have breakfast with a friend now........later knitters........

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where have I been???

Oh yah, it's been a week, and I guess it is about time that update my neglected little knitting blog!!! (for more regular updates, you can read my Journal here!!)I did knit on the plane.....but my problem was I kept knitting the same row over and over and over......5 hours and I didn't get much accomplished!! So all I finished was ONE of the fingerless mitts. The plane ride home was a bit better and I started on the second! I do love them and Koigu is my NEW favorite yarn....it knits like a dream and has wonderful stitch definition. My friend loved the idea of the fingerless mitt, so I plan on making some for her for a gift!!

So here it is, the "Lone Mitt"!!!
(I'll model them for you once I sew them up!!)

Let's see, Friday night I roped my husband into stopping at the "Fabric Place" which stocks some nice yarn (the employees leave alot to be desired, but since I really didn't need help or advice, it was ok) ...let's just say the bribe was it is near a BBQ place he likes, so since it is so close ::wink::....why not??? I picked up some yarn for her gloves, some cotton, and some gloriously soft alpaca!!! So much yarn, so little time.......

Sunday, September 10, 2006

One last post.....

Before I leave. I'm only going for three days and I have, in typical knitter's fashion, packed more yarn than clothing!! :) But, I thought I would leave you with something to look at while I'm gone....so here ya go!!!!

First, I needed a way to find my Thread Cutter (airline approved!) by Clover! I love this thing!! A very handy gadget but hard to find in the knitting bag.....so I knotted a "fob" for it out of hand dyed silk cord by Deepwood Art and silver beads!!

Here is a close up of those knots!! I think they came out really good!!!

Next is my present for a dear friend of mine who I will be visiting! She loves green and I thought the "One Skein" Clutch would be perfect! I might post a picture of it over on that blog too!! I am pleased with the results...I hope she is too!

And finally, a close up of the knitted flower and bead center! The bead matches the bag perfectly.....it is darker than the picture actually shows!! I love these bags and am going to be making more for gifts!!

Talk to you all when I return!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm at it again......

I did it again....I know, I said I am not a joiner and I will not do swaps again, but this one looked like so much fun!!! And truthfully, I have met a couple of very good friends doing these, so why not??? I have TONS of yarn in my stash......and I love tea, and could always use another friend in knit, so here we go again!!! :)

Still no knitting lately!! But I found two skeins of Knitpicks "Elegance" in my stash that is just screaming to be made into a "Branching Out" scarf....and I put all the beads on the skein of KPPM for the gloves...I'm ready to fly!! I just have a few more things to gather together, like clothes and shoes (yeah, I think I will need those!!) and some cash for bead shopping and I'm good to go!!!

I'll try to get some pictures of stuff over the weekend so you will have something to look at!! Oh, and I scrubbed the baby kimono....it's been too long now and I have forgetten where I am and honestly, I'm not crzy about my choice of cotton, so rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiippppppppppp. There it goes!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello, Is Anyone There???

Hello dear knitting friends......I'm here....barely!! You can always pop over to my other blog for more frequent updates if you are missing what is going on in my life but, if you're here for knitting...well........

So, where have I been?/ No place...yet.....I'm getting ready for a quick trip, business for my husband, but since we're not paying, I'm going too!!! I'm packing knitting for my flights and time alone in the hotel, so I am winding skeins, copying patterns, finding needles......you know......not knitting!!! Making sure I have a project and a backup because no one wants to get stuck with no knitting, right??? Hmm...speaking of stuff to do, I should find a book too, just in case!!! :)

Sorry for the complete lack of knitting news.....I'll have some soon!!

And this dang "Cozy" shawl is taking forever to finish......sigh......

Monday, August 28, 2006

Two poles and some dental floss.....

I've never been a person who likes knitting with BIG needles. To me, they are like knitting dental floss with two telephone poles! Any thing bigger than a size 10 needles and I wave the white flag of surrender!! I don't mean to insult anyone here, they're just not my thing. I know many who love those #13's and can make a sweater in an afternoon, I'm just not one of those. Well, I am invited to be a guest in my friend's home in Seattle next month. And like mothers always tell you, never go to someone's house empty handed! I thought the perfect gift is something handmade! I saw this basic throw called "Dreamy" on the Knitpicks site and thought why not?? The yarn looks nice and soft and it will be light, yet warm. I chose a color, placed the order, and......

Well, it's made on a #19 telephone pole (oops, I mean knitting needle)!!! I sat down this adternoon to South Pacific in concert with my favorite Broadway singer of all time (Brian Stokes Mitchell) and decided I have a month to make this throw, let's get the show on the road! And, I'm not sure....casting on was a chore, and not that it's any complicated pattern, garter stitch all rows (yawn) , I can't tell if I like it. It's furry and lacey and I just don't know.

I have decided to work on it this evening and after getting a hunk done, then decide. I will snap a picture tomorrow so you can see it, but, I don't know.......

Maybe matching cabled mufflers might be better???? I think I'll start cooking supper, and then decide.

*****Later that afternoon.......it wasn't getting any better.....and when Mark came home, he said "what is THAT" and when I told him a blanket, he made a face and said that isn't very nice......and that is EXACTLY what I was thinking...... so the project has been scrubbed. The yarn is in a box waiting to be returned and I will NEVER knit with SURI DREAM FROM KNITPICKS again. I could have gotten better yarn at AC Moore!!! This was definitely a case of you get what you pay for!!!....Lesson learned! Now I need another idea for a gift..hmmm......

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Baby Pictures!

No new knitting pictures, but I thought you might like to see I picture of my furry babies!!! We hang out on the back deck on sunny afternoons, knitting and creating jewelry for my website!!

From left to right, they are, Lucy, Gillie and Muzzy

On the knitting front, I did start the clutch bag from the One Skein book for my friend. Lamb's Pride bulky in seafoam green!! I will take pictures of it when I am finished! It won't be long!!! Someday, I am actually going to make one for me!! :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

A quick update.....

Well, I guess it's been a busy week, huh?? No new knitting posts!!! BUT, I have been knitting. I am making great strides on both the cozy and Branching Out. I have to say, for YEARS I never wanted to knit lace but now I LOVE it!!! I am planning on making many more lace scarves. They make the perfect gifts because many of my friends live in warm climates, and their so portable!!!

This weekend, I need to start two more projects though, a clutch from one skein (which has become my favorite gift to give!) and a blanket for my friend. the blanket is that pattern from KnitPicks and the yarn is Suri Dream. I chose a blue color, and hopefully it will be perfect! And the clutch, well, it is for my friend in AZ who I will be visiting in a few weeks!!! Yay!!! I chose a soft green, because green is her favorite color! I should at least get that finished!!! I'll take pictures when I start the projects!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cozy Pictures!!!

Ok, so you've heard me talking about this "Cozy Shawl" that I've been knitting, here it is!! Now bear in mind, I took these pictures on FRIDAY (yes, I am truely terrible about uploading them!) and I am into my second skein of yarn! :) I bought 4 skeins of sport weight but actually think it will take three.....or I'm hoping it will take three because the yarn would make a terrific "Branching Out" scarf! It is beautiful and very fun to knit. I know, it wasn't fun in the beginning......but I LOVE the pattern now! I even got a "close up" for you!!! The colorway did not photgraph as pretty as it is in person!! Hopefully my finished garment will show off the subtle colors!!! I am even making a matching bracelet for it!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Row Counter Tutorial

Here is the Row Counter Tutorial!!

Before printing, please read the following information!
** I have created this tutuorial to help fellow knitters create beautiful knitting jewelry.
copy and paste this to your website or blog.
You MAY link this page directly if you wish.
If you own a knitting or bead shop, you may NOT print this out for your distribution without written consent from me!
Please email me at designsbykatie (at) hotmail (dot) com for questions concerning this!**

Happy Beading!!

1 medium size toggle
4 2X2 " crimps
1 3X3" crimps
1 fancy lampwork bead (bead shown by Melanie Egan)
10 large glass based pearls (8 mm)
15 small glass based pearls (6mm)
4" of elastic beading cord
2 9" pieces of colored beading wire .019" (wire shown from Fire Mountain Gems)
(remember wire will be exposed, colored wire is nicer for this project)
Assorted accent beads and spacers
Wire cutters, Scissors and Crimping Tool

Step 1: Insert BOTH strands of beading wire through toggle and 2X2 crimp bead. Fold over leaving room for toggle to move freely and insert back through the crimp bead forming a loop. Crimp bead - do not trim excess wire at crimp!

Step 2: Add accent beads and lampwork, covering excess wire with beads.

Step 3: Add second 2X2 crimp bead and crimp flush with beads.

Step 4: On one wire, add 9 of the small pearls and on the other wire add 10 of the large pearls.

Step 5: Make Marker. Thread 5 6mm pearls on elastic cord. Thread 3X3 crimp through BOTH ends as shown. Pull tightly, forming a circle and crimp. Trim off excess cording at crimp.

Step 6: Thread marker over BOTH wires.

Step 7: Measure 5 1/2" (for average wrist) from second crimp bead. Add another 2X2" crimp bead at 51/2" mark and crimp.

Step 8: Add additional accent beads and remaining pearl and final crimp onto BOTH strands of wire.

Step 9: Loop beading wire and toggle bar through the crimp and accent beads as shown. Crimp and trim access wire! YOU ARE FINISHED!

To use: For each row you knit, move one of the small beads through the marker. When all 9 beads are on the other side of the marker, move one of the BIG beads through the marker and move the 9 small beads back to the start. Repeat...... will count up to 100 rows!!! this would be very handy for travel! You can keep track of your knitting and still wear a pretty bracelet at the same time!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Pictures for YOU!

Today's post is for my new Secret Pal, Hanane! She told me I needed more pictures on my blog!!! And she was so right!!! And today, I will get pictures of the other things I am working on for the next update!! I will try to add at least one or two pictures a week!! Let's keep things interesting!

Here is my "Branching Out"scarf..of course, this is an old picture and it is about 10 more pattern rows than this....

It is made with the bamboo yarn for Southwestern Trading Comapny and was gifted to me by my One Skein Secret pal, Lynnea!

And this is my One Skein Secret Pal's final project for me!! An awesome felted box for my desk!! It has found a home on the computer table with my file cards and notes in it!! And as you can see it matches my walls PERFECTLY!!!
Thank you Lynnea!

And the last picture for today is my One Skein Pal's final package which consisted of not only the finsihed project....but also a birthday gift for me!! In the box is a chocolate bar, notecards with my inital and some badger balm (for those rough knitter's hands!! :) ) Clotted cream and lemon curd for my morning scones and dog cookies for the girls!! A pug puzzle, a cute purse pattern WITH the yarn and Nicky Epstien's new book of knitted flowers!! Wow, a very generous present indeed!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's better than a sale??

Ok, I decided before I get settled outside on the back deck for an afternoon of knitting, I should update this blog! It's hard...I have lots of blogs and I need a bloggin schedule desperately! I need a studio schedule too!! Maybe it's time to "FlyLady" my studio and computer time!!

So today I decide I **need** to go to the LYS...well not so "L" but YS. I had a hankering for yarn and I needed to actually shop!!! And besides, I had an idea of yarn for my new Secret Pal (who is a super person BTW!!) and I needed a skein of Lamb's Pride bulky weight because I want to make a clutch for a friend who I will be visiting in a few weeks. Well, I didn't need that much incentive. Just say "yarn" and I'm there!!! Well, THEY WERE HAVING A SALE!! So, if you live in So. Eastern MA, go to the Wool Basket in Duxbury! There is some really nice yarn on sale!!

And let's talk about yesterday's "almost" crisis!!! I am about 10 pattern rows into "Branching Out" so, translated I am almost half way done. I put it down for a few weeks (to work and go on a trip) so yesterday, I decided to pick it back up again. I need to finish it so I can make another for a gift......well, I made very good notes on the pattern as to where I left off. Now typically I do a complete pattern before ending something for the day/night/week. It's easier to remember. Long story short, I didn't,and ignored my notes and started at the beginnning anyway! I made a MESS!!! I tried once to put it back on the needles, and that was a no go. But, I decided one more try and if not, I (gulp) start over!! I managed to salvage it and only lost 4 rows!! I do have a picture of it and I will post it next time!!! I do take pictures, I just have a hard time posting...as you know!! :)

Well, it's such a nice day, I'm not going to spend it inside! I'm taking the dogs and my knitting and heading out into the backyard..........

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where Have I Been???

And the prodigal blogger returns.....I have not been ignoring you, honestly, I haven't. I've just been busy with all the other stuff that interferes with knitting...you know, life! Must create art so I can pay the yarn bills!!! :)

Today, I became a new One Skein Pal!! Well, the program director is calling us "One Skein Angels" now, because the program is technically over the end of the month, but some people didn't follow through. Sad, isn't it?? I mean, sign up, get YOUR stuff and leave the poor gal you were assigned to sitting there. Geez, the person who had my name is delievering her baby soon (hopefully TODAY!) and she managed to get some super gifts together!! I hope I can do the same for this new person!! I have some ideas, I am just waiting for her to answer the questions so I know what she likes (and doesn't!)

So, if you are waiting for my first tutorial...it's on it's way! I'm sorry, I have been working on a project for the gallery, and it is sucking up my time!!! I'm not even going to say this week!! Keep checking back and it will magically appear one day!! Should I hire a studio assistant??

Well, off to see if I can knit a few rows before I need to start supper!!! Knit on!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I've been working on the shawl this afternoon. It was a beautiful day so I decided to sit outside and knit in the shade!! Knitter's bliss, right?? Well, did knitted lots.....8 inches or more worth. I then decided to watch some design shows on HGTV. I shouldn't have because I SCREWED UP!!! BADLY!!! So I tried to fix it....usually I am pretty good at this. I turned the tv off, cleared the coffee table, spread it out and tried to fix it, once, twice, three times.......so I ripped it out. It killed me.....but I did. Hey, I'm not a newbie knitter that can't fix things, but this was not my day!! ARGH!!! I just had to share my frustration......

So I'm going to cast on again and knit like my needles are on fire!!!!!

Promises, Promises

Well, where does the time go?? Does this mean I am getting older?? Well, yes it does!! My birthday was last week and my husband and I took a little road trip to NYC for a few days!!! It was so much fun. Basically, we saw shows and ate! Since I don't want to type all the happenings from last week again....you can read them here!

Since this is a knitting blog, have I been knitting?? You betcha!! I am making the "Cozy" shawl from Knitty magazine. I love the pattern...except......I am using sportweight yarn. While very dleicate looking and pretty, it is exceptionally s-l-o-w! The five skeins of Lorna's Laces Sport, rolled into balls, looks pretty daunting in the basket. Hopefully I will not need all five skeins, becuase the colorway would look rockin' in the "Branching Out" scarf!!

And I know it is August, but I need to get my Christmas list going and see what I need to make, and who I need to make things for! I was thinking that the One Skein clutches were so fun to make (and I did hit the wholesale button shops in the Fashion district while I was in NYC!) and too cute, I might make a few of those. Use up the wool I have accumulated!

Which leads me to the tutorial. My goal was to have it done last week before I left, but obviously, I didn't so......I uploaded the pictures, now I just need to crop and label them and type out the directions.....this week...and that's a promise!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Yarnaholic!

Well, I ordered more yarn......I don't need any more yarn! (hanging head in shame) But, I couldn't help myself. I ordered MORE Lorna's Laces for this..... the Cozy Shawl from Knitty. I am always on the lookout for the perfect shawl! I think they are elegant and versatile and warm in the "in between" seasons. My wonderful Secret Pal friend in knitting sent me the link and exclaimed I just bought some Lorna's Laces and it is going to be so beautiful. Ok, shawl + Lorna's Laces does equal beauty! So I bought......

And I found another Shawl in the book Alterknits!! I especially love this one because it is a shawl AND a scarf attached with ribbons. Perfect for travel. I can just see myself at some exotic locale, with this gracefully draped over my shoulders!!! :) I decided on Knit Picks "Ambrosia" in the "fog" colorway which is a dignified grey tone. Hmmm.. sound slike I will be ordering more yarn again. Oh well, there are worse habits in life. Being a "yarnaholic" is ok.

And I started "Branching Out" from Knitty. I am using the bamboo yarn from the One Skein Swap! This is a fun highly addictive pattern. So, I am working on that while I wait for my yarn.......

My husband remarked today that I have been so into knitting, I haven't made jewelry in ages!! Well, he's partially correct. I did start the Fall Collection, but it still needs necklaces and earrings to round it out.....so I might have to put down the needles for my jewelry tools.......for a little while anyway!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Time flies........

Has it really been a week???? I have been knitting but I guess not posting as much as I used to...sorry about that! And if you are looking at the blog and wondering what is going on, I'm changing stuff around...again!!!! I've also been having some bad migraines and sitting at the computer is the LAST thing you want to do!!

This weekend I hope to fix up this sad and sorry little blog a bit!!! It's supposed to be hot hot hot this weekend so sitting in the air conditioned studio is not such a bad idea is it??? I know I spoke of a tutuorial and you might be wondering where it has gone to. Well, the pictures are still in my camera so I will be doing that as well!!!!

Well, I'm off to work........I'll try to be posting with more frequency, so keep checking back!!

P.S. Mrs. Stevens is temporarily gone until I finish fixing the blog up!! :) Just in case you were looking for her!! I might just have to change that around too!! :)

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Delinquent Blogger

Wow, could my last post have been on Tuesday??? YIKES...where does the time go! I am happy to report that I have been a bit more energetic!!! Let's see...I left off with a list of things I should have been doing.....

My One Skein Secret Pal project is finished. I am glad to get that out of the way!! I made the felted clutch from the book, and will add a few extra goodies in it!! It is still drying...have I mentioned it is a humid as all get out here??? My plan is to pack it up and get it out by next week!! I also have a few little gifties for MY secret pal who has been such a good online buddy since June!!! I will get pictures of it all before I send it!!

And I have been inspired yet again to start a new project! My Secret Pal made the Monsieur Cat from the Lucinda Guy book....and I fell in love. Since I have no kids to knit for, I didn't own the book. BUT, I put it in my library queue and picked it up today!! Wow, the patterns are terrific!!! As I sat in the drive through line at Dunkin' Donuts waiting for my coffee, I imagined cats in all different color combos.......guess what my next project is???? Look for pictures soon!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's not the heat...

It's the humidity....I hate when people say that! It's something my parents who are in their 80's say! Or is it hot enough for ya! Well, it is and this humidity is frying my brain! I should be knitting, I should be doing something else...anything, but sitting here doing nothing. I have projects to finish, damnit! I am like a beached whale....I just want to lay there and do nothing.....as long as the neighborhood children do not come over and poke me with sticks or call Greenpeace!

What I should be doing....
1. Fixing this blog so it will be more ME, whatever that is...

2. Finishing my One Skein Secret Pal project so I can get it ready to send!

3. Finishing up the dog sweater, scarf, shawl and countless other object d'knit in the basket!

4. Winding up all that Lorna's Laces wooly goodness into usable balls!

5. Finishing up the cross stitch pieces I started long ago and have not worked on in months!!! (can you tell it is not my favorite thing to do??)

6. Make supper!!!

Well, I do have good news......NO JURY DUTY tomorrow!!! Yay!!! Happy Dance!!!! Maybe I will get around to all the projects.....tomorrow.........

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tutorial on the Way....

Ok, in between working on my Fall jewelry collection and getting more items ready to be shipped to the art gallery, I have been working on the row counter bracelet tutorial!!! To be theatrical, "it's in the can"!!! :) In my camera that is!! I wrote out each step, supplies needed, and photographed it all...phew...it's alot of work, BUT they are better made than just knotting some string and adding some plastic beads!! And I hope you like them as much as I do. While the thought is NOT mine and I am in no way taking credit for it, if the tutorial helps my friends or a fellow knitter, that is great!! My "demo" model will be for sale. And it will include a set of pewter matching stitch markers as well. Knitting has been slow, but I will be getting some projects lined up.....

Have I mentioned that I have jury duty this week?? All I can say is I better be able to take my knitting needles in the "holding pen" with me, or they might see my nasty side! If you are going to make me sit there for eight hours, let me do something, besides read......

I have a good book, some magazines, stuff to work on for my site and blogs, knitting....Mark asked me if I planned on staying overnight..OH God, I hope not!! It's the local court so I don't think there is anything more exciting than traffic violations. Should I wear a contriversial t shirt and wild hair so I look crazy??? Doesn't it sound like I am looking forward to it....

Now everyone say a prayer, think a good thought, send light, whatever......so I don't have to go...I know I will, but let's hope!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Excuses, Excuses....

Well, just what have I been doing??? Certainly not knitting, that's for sure!! I have so much to catch up on too!! If you read my other blog, you know I have been in a creative "funk" these days......no jewelry, no knitting, no nothing. I have been sitting an watching movies and just being, well, a blob!! I seem to be coming out of my funk though and have begun work on my Fall Collection of jewelry for my site, West End Designs.

I ordered some beads to create matching bracelets to the Irish Hiking Scarves I have been knitting. My thought, hope and wish, is to finish a bunch of them and make matching bracelets and give them as Christmas (yes, I said that!) gifts!! Handmade lampwork and the gorgeous colors of the Lorna's Laces yarn. Who wouldn't want that as a gift????

I need to finish my final gift package for the One Skein Secret Pal. This weekend.....yes, I must!!!

Well, that's all to report. No new yarn, no new projects...check back next week. :) Have a nice weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mrs. Stevens

For those of you who know me, you all know I have always wanted a kitty (I guess three puggies is not enough!!). My wonderful husband, still, and probably will continue to say "no" to my polite requests (aka begging) for a kitty!! I do have a "sponsor" kitty at the local shelter, but it is not the same...so...I went and adopted anyway......no, not a "real" one, a "virtual"one...

May I present, "Mrs. Stevens"!!! She will be on the side bar to my journal from now on......I hope you all say hi to her when you are visiting!!

Why Mrs. Stevens??? Well, ages ago I saw an episode of Bewitched in which Samantha turned her Mother in Law into a cat and went running through they neighborhood yelling "Mrs. Stevens" in a vain attempt to find her lost Mother in Law/Kitty. And I thought, what a cool name for a cat...and it stuck. So there you have it!!! :)

Let's see what else I can find to spruce up the journal!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am blown away!!

Yes, I am completely blown away by my One Skein Secret Pal's gift for July!! Wow, that's all I can say!! Thank you so much Lynnea! Here is a photo of what she sent!! I have to show all the goodies off!! Take a look at this!!!

There is a skein of handspun yarn, a skein of Knitpicks Ambrosia, felted beads, stitch markers, 2 knitting magazines and a set of handmade note cards and HANDMADE needles!! Wow...oh and a Cadbury bar!! (Cadbury is my favorite!!!)

I have to think of something to make with the handspun for for right now I am just carrying it around, it is so soft!!!! I love the toppers on the needles ........it says "Knit Happens"!!! Aren't they the cutest??? I plan on making a funky fiber necklace with the beads!!!! They are so much fun!! I need to know how to make them!!!!

Thank you again Lynnea......not only are you a terrific secret pal, you have become such a great online buddy!!! :) I will post what I make with all the goodies you have sent!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I am powerless to knitting supplies!

Ok, I should no longer be allowed to surf the internet looking for yarn and knitting related items....no more!!! I am powerless to their spell!! I was thinking of making some knitting row counter bracelets because the ones I have seen are VERY expensive for what they are. Basically leather cording KNOTTED and plastic Pony beads, and a plated clasp for $40 - 50 each...seriously. So, the jewelry designer in me comes out and I decide I can do better......So, I was taking a look at what was out there. I don't think it is something I will sell (unless a special request is made) but while I was surfing......I found this.....Namaste Needles

I remember my Mom teaching me to knit, it was acrylic or wool yarn and metal or plastic needles, that's it. No fancy fibers, no fancy accessories, not even bamboo....until now. Wow, I am blown away!!! I am putting this stuff on my wish list!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!

Oh, and I think I am going to come up with a tutorial on the beaded row counters so you can make your own. Any thoughts????

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I surrender!

Ok, I am hanging my head in shame right now...I didn't knit at all over this long weekend!! I know, no knitting......what is that about???? Honestly I TRIED!!! I guess it happens every once in awhile, you sit down and start a project...a mistake happens, you fix it and carry on...then another mistake. I actually kept casting on the wrong number of stitches several times in a row.....that was it. A sign from the knitting goddess to wave the white flag of surrender!!! So, I just sat there, staring blindly at the television watching the Boston Pops and Aerosmith...which I also never do.TV=Knitting and that's just how it is, an equation not to be messed with, like the theory of relativity. TV = Knitting . I didn't dare start anything complicated because the situation described above kept happening with a dishcloth...can you imagine if I started lace, or a sweater???.........I shudder to think of it. Today is a new day and maybe tonight some knitting will happen....maybe......

I mailed my final One Skein Secret Pal yarn package today!! So, the next package is a finished item, and I have a few other goodies planned for her. I don't think she reads the blog (my identity was blown along time ago!!) but I won't say whatt it is, just to be on the safe side (I'll snap a picture of it for here after I mail it away!!). I will say though, it is a project from the book, and it is the only pattern in the book she told me she liked, so let's hope she likes it in person! :) I want to have it in the mail August 1st (it is due anytime in August) because I am leaving on a long weekend trip to NYC on the 4th and I don't want it hanging over my head!!! I plan on getting it all set THIS week.....yes, THIS week!!!! Can you tell I am looking forward to it ending??? I don't think I'm cut out for Secret Pal clubs. Although I will say, the person who has me as a pal is so sweet and I love the things she sends (Hi Lynnea)!!! I might try a knit along next. I can't help it, I am just NOT a joiner.........

I am hoping to change up this blog a bit soon. I have not sat down to work on it....even though I said I was going to but, hey, if you can't knit a simple dishcloth, what makes you think you can play with HTML......my blog would look pretty bad, and that I am sure of.....

I think I will go wind up some of my Lorna's Laces yarn and sit down after supper for some relaxing (??) knitting time.........

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Join the Washrag Revolution

Yes, I am making washrags, or dishcloths, or warshrags...whichever term you prefer!! I can't help it, I love these little guys!!! I will have to snap a picture of the ones I have made so far......Who knew cheapy cotton yarn from AC Moore would cause such joy!!! And joy for a "yarn snob" too!! I am whipping them up like crazy here and there is no sign of stopping.

The people I have taught knit in the past know that I always told them to practice stitches and patterns while making dishcloths. At the end, you mastered a new skill and have something to show for it.......a good idea, right??? But, now they are back in fashion thanks to Mason Dixon Knitting! And I LOVE the patterns in the book and am so glad they brought them back into fashion!!!

And for all you flybabies out there.....they are very handy for shining your sink!! And if you have no idea what I meant with that sentence, go to this site.....FlyLady!! The site will explain everything!

I just might have to go to AC Moore today for more......who knows how many I can whip up this weekend.....and for those of you on my Christmas list...these just might end up under your tree this winter!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm still here.....

Ok, I'm back....with a new project!! Yes, I actually put down the Irish Hiking Scarf long enough to pick up the Cabled Neck Cowl (called Cherry Garcia) from Hello Yarn. Mine is knitted in the Black Purl colorway from Lorna's Laces (of course!) Chunky Swirl! I really like how it came out, however, it looks much better on. But it's about 90 today and I really don't want to wear it....yet!

I also got another wonderful package in the mail from LittleKnits!! Oh yes, more Lorna's Laces......and you know how much I love it. I am beginning to hoarde it!! So, here's the picture of the recent acquistions!!! The red skein in the back is really the Bittersweet colorway which is reds, oranges and purples and so very pretty in person!

And I promise this week I am going to spruce up my rather generic looking blog into something spiffy and fun!! I just need to sit down and rework this template a bit!! And I also need to figure out how to line up the links to the right. You all probably don't notice it, but it is driving me bananas!!!! Off to knit a bit before supper.......

Friday, June 23, 2006

Spinning My Wheels.

Ok, I've been totally ignoring this blog this week. I am still here, and I have not suffocated under a huge stash of yarn!!! I guess I really don't have much to show for knitting this week. Basically, I feel like I am spinning my wheels here (hee hee spinning wheels = yarn!) But seriously, I feel the Lorna's Laces Irish Hiking Scarf is doomed...... this will be my second one and the first one came out so nice...I will get pictures....but this one, I don't know. I swear I have spent more time ripping the darned thing out than knitting it. By NOW I should be able to work the pattern in my sleep.....And I want it FINISHED!!!! My friends advice was start something new, and I did, BUT I don't like the yarn..it looks well, dingy. And I don't fair well with the "thick and thin" spun yarn.....So..... I'm just sitting here, spinning my wheels.......

We are due for a rainy weekend, so hopefully I will get lots of knitting done and will be able to show you more next week....

Keep on knitting.......

Monday, June 19, 2006

I have a new love.....

Well, it's Monday and that means a whole week of glorious yarns delievered by the US Postal Service....actually I am only waiting for one other package so far.... :) Today I got a package from Knit Pixie. First of all, these people have a great site and great yarns. Their emails and service were great and they're local people, so I have to support them, right??? And I shall because this will be the first order of many to come.

I have a new love. Remember last week when I fell in love with Lorna's Laces. Well, now it is Blue Sky Organic Cotton. I simply cannot get enough. In the words of my dear Secret Pal from One Skein, "You just want to eat it!!". And she is so right. I have tons of other cottons (I really should take a pciture of the stash, huh???I don't know if a wide angle lens is large enough") but this one takes the cake. Soft and just "plush".......sigh........I love it. I am a fickle yarn hoarder though. I find one I like, search and buy and hoarde and then move on!! I was like that with "Dune" by Trendsetters...which that will always be my favorite novelty yarn....and countless others. Unfortunately I don't have a taste for hoarding the inexpensive stuff, acrylic, NO WAY!! Although I do have some Sugar and Cream cotton, I do dig that too!!! But for the most part, I can easily walk out of a Michael's or Jo Ann Fabric with no yarn.......

I think I must simply try the BS Organic Cotton tonight.....and no, I have not finished the never- ending Lorna's Laces scarf yet....but the cotton is calling!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

New Yarn!!!

What a better way to start the weekend but with a bunch of new yarns!! Here is my recent yarn order.....one order from Little Knits and one from ebay!!

They are Lorna's Laces Shephered's Worsted in Desert Flower, Black Purl, Irving Park. Lorna's Laces Swirl Chunky in Black Purl (for the cabled cowl neck gaiter from Hello Yarn) and a LARGE skein of Fleece Artist's Kid Aran in Origin.

Guess I will be doing some knitting this weekend, huh??? :) Actually I have a big graduation party to go to...do you think it is rude to knit at a party??? Probably, although no one will probably notice!!! There will be so much eating and drinking and dancing.......

And while I was waiting (and not too patiently I might add) for FedEx to arrive with a package, I ordered MORE from Knit Pixie!! Ironically, they are only located a few towns over!! So, I wanted to support those local gals!! It's a great site and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their slogan, "Rockin' Your Stash!!"And who doesn't need more yarn, right?? But shhhhhh....don't tell my husband, he has no idea about the cost of good quality yarn! He says they are all the same and *ahem*, I think not!

Until next week.....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Show and Tell

OK, today's "Show and Tell" is my new Irish Hiking Scarf!!! Oh, I just love the Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted!!! I am definitley itching to make myself a sweater with it now!! I know it is yet another scarf.....and I do make more than scarves, BUT I am hooked on this pattern!! Sorry you can't see the cabels up close...they are simply awesome int he handpainted yarns!!

And I am anxiously awaiting TWO packages of Lorna's Laces...one form ebay (yah ebay!!) and one from Little Knits!!! I can't wait!!! I will snap a picture when it gets here, hopefully today (fingers crossed)!!!!

Until then......Happy Knitting!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Thank You Secret Pal!!!

My package arrived from my One Skein Secret Pal on Saturday!!! And here is what I got!!! A skein of bamboo yarn that I have been dying to try and a lace pattern!!! A key lime cheese ball mix and a fiesta dip (which is so yummy) and a Godiva chocolate bar (which is not pictured because I ate it right away!! :) ) and a nice note!!! Thank you so much!!! I will be posting what I make with the yarn!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I LOVE Lorna's Laces!!

Well, I'm not knitting here is sunny Nantucket...if fact, I'm still home. Nantucket got cancelled due to bad weather...so bad in fact, that the ferry was cancelled and we couldn't get there if we tried!! So, To drown my "no vacation" sorrows, I treated myself to some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted...and I am in LOVE!!! Wow, how had I missed this yarn?? I don't know, I guess none of the shops around me had it until recently. Well, I am so much in love, that I bought more online, and even more on ebay!! Thanks to my "nameless" Secret Pal from the One Skein Club who hooked me up with some online bargains!!! :) So, I am making yet another Irish Hiking Scarf and this baby is mine, all mine!!! Now as I knit, I am thinking of which colorways I would like in a sweater, socks, hats....oh I could go on and on!!! Hopefully I will get all my online shopping spree goods soon and will post a picture!!

No new project update pictures today as it is still grey and nasty out....and will be until Sunday!!! But I will get some nice pictures to share soon!!

So, I'm going to sign off and work some more on the Lorna's Laces scarf.......Oh I can't wait for it to be finished and we have weather cool enough so I can wear it!! And naturally it is going to need matching earrings and maybe a bracelet!!! Oh so much to do!!!

Knit on friends......

Saturday, June 03, 2006

In still here.....

Like I said, I'm not going to update every day!!! I am resisting the urge to update daily...but not a whole lot of knitting goes on every day!!If you want to see what I am doing..check out the West End Designs Journal for the daily scoop...

I have been knitting like a mad woman on the Irish Hiking scarf!!! It looks beautiful and the pattern is so addictive, I have been completely ignoring my other projects in the basket!!! I am definitely making more of these for Christmas gifts!!! I will be in Nantucket for a bit next week, and plan on working on another while I am there!!

Project Update: I have decided to scrap the travel neck pillow......and make my secret pal another lovely goodie! And when it clears up (fingers crossed) and stops raining, I can take a picture of the unfinished puppy sweater I found!! See?? I KNEW I had a hidden UFO!!!! I started it in March, and as the weather got warmer and she didn't need a sweater.....the project was abandoned. All I have left is the neck portion too!!! I WILL finish it!!!

Here is a picture of the sweater I finished. This is the PERFECT dog sweater because it is so easy to put on and take off!!! Unlike some that you need to be a rodeo cowboy to get the dog in the sweater, this one has two buttons, that's it!!! The ONLY problem with this sweater is the fact that she loves it so much, she won't let me take it off her!! :)

So, I guess you might want the "stats" on this too......The pattern is from "PuppyKnits" by Jill Eaton and the yarn was Mission Falls (LOVE this yarn) 1824 wool in pistachio and mallow. Honestly, I just grabbed two colors from my stash...and I LOVE how they look together!!!

Until the nest update....keep on knitting!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Current Projects!!!

Well, as promised, here are my current projects.....I think this is all - there may be a hidden one someplace around the house!!! I will post finished pictures when I am done!!! And hopefully that will be soon!!! :)

This is my favorite project of the moment! The Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn. It is fun, fast and very addictive!! I used yarn from my stash - Cascade Quatro. I actually have knitted quite a bit onto this in the past day or so. I am planning on making a few more for Christmas gifts!!

I started this travel pillow from the Vogue 101's Travel issue. It's made in several parts and the pattern is not easy to read, but the end result looks so cute. This was supposed to be for a secret pal project, but I am rethinking my decision and will probably end up making something else. The yarn is Cotton Classic in a vibrant pink.

This is my tea cozy from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. It is in Mission Falls 1824 wool in a pumpkin color (prettier in person). I adore this pattern and how the stitch looks like thermal fabric.....but it's still sitting here in the bottom of the basket...alone and neglected. All I have left is the bind off and sewing, which is probably why I am ignoring it! :)

This is my unfinished felted bag! I love the colors. It is made of my own pattern with Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight! There will be more of this bag soon! I am "almost" finished with the handles!!! :) Then I need to make a flap, do some duplicate stitch, make a button, and felt it....well, maybe "almost" is not quite right.......


Welcome to my new blog!! Here you will find my current projects, projects in the making and general rants about knitting......Please feel free to leave a comment! I would love to hear from my fellow knitters!

I will be posting more this afternoon, when I have uploaded all my current project pictures!!! I still have some more writing to do, links to add (If you have a good link - email me!!) and some finishing touches on the layout......but it's ready for the public!!! :)