Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where have I been???

Oh yah, it's been a week, and I guess it is about time that update my neglected little knitting blog!!! (for more regular updates, you can read my Journal here!!)I did knit on the plane.....but my problem was I kept knitting the same row over and over and over......5 hours and I didn't get much accomplished!! So all I finished was ONE of the fingerless mitts. The plane ride home was a bit better and I started on the second! I do love them and Koigu is my NEW favorite knits like a dream and has wonderful stitch definition. My friend loved the idea of the fingerless mitt, so I plan on making some for her for a gift!!

So here it is, the "Lone Mitt"!!!
(I'll model them for you once I sew them up!!)

Let's see, Friday night I roped my husband into stopping at the "Fabric Place" which stocks some nice yarn (the employees leave alot to be desired, but since I really didn't need help or advice, it was ok) ...let's just say the bribe was it is near a BBQ place he likes, so since it is so close ::wink::....why not??? I picked up some yarn for her gloves, some cotton, and some gloriously soft alpaca!!! So much yarn, so little time.......