Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am Lame.

Ok, I am hanging my head in shame.....there has been NO KNITTING at all. I read other people's blogs and they are knitting fabulous items, and me?? NOT ONE BLOODY THING!!!! This has been a crazy month to say the least.......and the ONLY time I got to knit was on the plane...excuses, excuses. I know, if you love it, you will find time. I do, but there is no time! Honestly.........

My stash has exploded all over my spare room, so I am thinking yarn, but getting it on the needles is another thing. Emails are piling up, no new jewelry either...what is wrong with me???? So if you come here looking for knitting, you ain't gonna find it, not now at least!!!

I need to get motivated. Anyone?? Send me your motivational help......hey, maybe that would be a topic for a good new book....."Motivational Help For Knitters In Distress". What do you do to get motivated????

Ok, now that I have completely told the world how LAME I am......I am making up my Knitter's Tea Swap package!!! See??? I am thinking knitting!!!I love what I am sending, hopefully my "pal" will too!!! I will take a picture before I send it. All the contents are in the box, now I just need to wrap up the items for a nice presentation, and seal it up and away we go!!! I did have to go to Trader Joe's and pick up some dark chocolate. I bought milk, but she prefers dark. Believe me, it will not be wasted!!! I LOVE the milk stuff....dark not so much so I will have a little stash for myself!!! :)

Maybe that will motivate me.......