Saturday, October 07, 2006

Back To The Basics

Oh yah, you've all been sitting there in anticipation waitng to see all the knitting that was finished on my Nantucket getaway......well....sorry, there is none. What?? How could this be????? Well, I think I have the knitter's version of ADD. (and I am not making light of people who have this condition, not at all) I cannot concentrate on knitting. I started a new Branching Out, ripped it out twice. Blamed the yarn. (Knitpicks Elegance) Which I am not longer going to buy. I do have a FULL bag of it in "fog" (hey kinda like my mind) for a shawl....which will be in the bag for another decade or so!!! I think the yarn hs gone downhill in quality, my humble opinion only here.....anyone else agree??

Ok, true to my knitting roots, and extra project was packed.....less a stitch marker, but a paperclip pitch hitted for that......almost done and somehow, the eyelet row combined with my complete lack of coordination messed it up. I ripped it out, figuring I would knit on the boat but some serious wave action from a storm prevented that. I figured the pitch and roll of the ferry combined with the motion of the knitting equaled I listened to Elton John's new album instead!

So I am back to basics. Let's get the mojo flowing again! I pulled out all the Sugar and Cream stock I had, selected some colors, and went to work on some baby bibs (from Mason Dixon) for someone in Mark's office who is expecting their first grandchild. And apparently, is not letting anyone in the office forget this fact, so gifts will be needed!!! I'll make those and some burb rags (babies are messy!!) and put them in a sweet little basket. Cute and functional. Ok, after spending the past year devoted to cables and more complex items...this is ::yawn:: boring, but the mojo is flowing!!!!

Soon I hope to post photos of knitting, but if you are starved for pictures, pop over to my regular blog and check out my Nantucket snaps!!!!