Monday, September 17, 2007

Check this out!

Look out, it's pictures!!

First up, my "Fetching" gloves. Keep in mind they need a wee bit of blocking! Like I have said before, I LOVE this yarn and finally ordered another skein in purple ("Wisterious" to be exact!)! You know at 250 yds, I bet I could make two pairs out of one skein! I did take another picture of them on my hand, but I didn't like how my hand looked. (Note: now that fall is here I really should use hand cream more!!!) I'll retake it soon!!
Next here is the Noni pattern I just had to have!!! I ordered the whole ball of wax from kpixie. (This is a wonderful web shop! Jessica and Missa have a great selection and ship faster than lightening!) Yarn, feet, handles, zipper and pattern. Now I think it needs some pig piggie fabric for a lining, don't you think! I can't wait to start it! If it come out nice, my friend wants one too! I just might be making an entire pig family!
Ok, well that is all I have to say today! I better get going and start cooking supper. Somehow I don't think Mark would like a big bowl of yarn for dinner....or would he??? :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ancient Whorls!

I cannot believe I completely forgot to post this picture!! My poor husband can't go anywhere without being reminded of knitting. One day, he WILL knit. I keep trying to get him to learn, I think it will be relaxing for him, and hey you have a built in yarn shop and teacher, what more could you want?

So check this out! Remember I went to Philly last weekend? This was in the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Whorls from the 8th CENTURY BCE from Rome! Isn't that cool????? When I pointed it out, he just said "Oh God, more knitting!!", and stood quietly while I took SEVERAL images, just in case one of them did not come out! Ha ha!

I did take a picture of my Fetching Mitts but I think I need another one. I'm still experimenting with finding a good place in the new house for photos! Maybe tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bank on this.

Well, finally got the knitting "mojo" working again, thanks in part to dishcloths. Come on, ya know you love 'em!!! So Lynnea, you were right!!! :)

I had hoped to show you a cool dishcloth picture with my new kitchen as a backdrop, AND the new "Fetching" gloves made for me on my trip to Philly (Thank you again Amy for the wonderful "Dream In Color" yarn you sent. It is beautiful, the perfect color and my new obsession!!! If you have never knit with this yarn, it is awesome ladies!!!), BUT it is POURING outside. I can't complain we need the rain badly, but it is too dark for photos!

I do have a picture though. I was surfing the other day and found this:
I NEED this!!! Isn't it funny????

And the "evil" ladies (no they are really not evil, but they do tempt you with yarn!) at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, have NEW sock yarn coming out on November 5th. Now see, you really do need a bank to save your yarn pennies in!!!