Monday, September 17, 2007

Check this out!

Look out, it's pictures!!

First up, my "Fetching" gloves. Keep in mind they need a wee bit of blocking! Like I have said before, I LOVE this yarn and finally ordered another skein in purple ("Wisterious" to be exact!)! You know at 250 yds, I bet I could make two pairs out of one skein! I did take another picture of them on my hand, but I didn't like how my hand looked. (Note: now that fall is here I really should use hand cream more!!!) I'll retake it soon!!
Next here is the Noni pattern I just had to have!!! I ordered the whole ball of wax from kpixie. (This is a wonderful web shop! Jessica and Missa have a great selection and ship faster than lightening!) Yarn, feet, handles, zipper and pattern. Now I think it needs some pig piggie fabric for a lining, don't you think! I can't wait to start it! If it come out nice, my friend wants one too! I just might be making an entire pig family!
Ok, well that is all I have to say today! I better get going and start cooking supper. Somehow I don't think Mark would like a big bowl of yarn for dinner....or would he??? :)