Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ancient Whorls!

I cannot believe I completely forgot to post this picture!! My poor husband can't go anywhere without being reminded of knitting. One day, he WILL knit. I keep trying to get him to learn, I think it will be relaxing for him, and hey you have a built in yarn shop and teacher, what more could you want?

So check this out! Remember I went to Philly last weekend? This was in the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Whorls from the 8th CENTURY BCE from Rome! Isn't that cool????? When I pointed it out, he just said "Oh God, more knitting!!", and stood quietly while I took SEVERAL images, just in case one of them did not come out! Ha ha!

I did take a picture of my Fetching Mitts but I think I need another one. I'm still experimenting with finding a good place in the new house for photos! Maybe tomorrow!