Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yarn to Donate

OK, it's been awhile. Does anyone read this anymore?? I know my friend Donna posted the link to my row counter bracelet on her site, so welcome to anyone new!!! On the knitting front, it is a sad state of affairs around these parts. I cannot seem to finish a project no matter how hard I try. So, in lieu of updates, I decided to post this question.

Where can I donate yarn????

I have been up in my attic deciding to get rid of all the stuff I have up there. Beanie Babies, suitcases I will no longer need, clothing that well, (gulp) no longer fits..... you name it, it is there. Anyway, I have oodles of yarn, mostly Lion Brand from when I was knitting for the sailors via "Ships Support". I did find one nice charity but they only take wool. This is acrylic or mostly acrylic. If anyone has any good charities with websites, leave a comment or you can private message me as well!!! Thanks!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cactus anyone???

Guess what?? I found out I can offer my cactus pattern to you here, on my blog!!! Let me spruce up the pattern a bit by adding a photo or two and then I will publish it under the "Patterns and Freebies" section to the right!!! :) If anyone is interested in making one, please send me a picture of your finished cactus for a gallery (include your name and blog or web address too and I'll gladly post that as well!!)

Also, I was thinking of hosting a KAL for this. They are so much fun to make, super quick and best of all, do not need watering or any care aside from an occasional dusting!!! I'm also planning on creating MORE cactus patterns soon!!

My "continental" knitting is coming along and the tension is finally evening out. I have been practicing making MDK baby bibs for my friend's new grand baby!! (I'll be sure to get a few pictures before I give them to her!!)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Purling: The Knit Stitch's Evil Twin

Last night, even though I have an "emergency" baby git to make, I decided I needed to practice my "Continental" knitting. I have always wanted to learn this way, the faster, more efficient method of knitting. I got the knit stitch some time ago, but needed to work on evening out the tension. Surprisingly, after not knitting this way, I picked it up and it actually felt comfortable, familiar. So this morning, come hell or high water, I was going to conquer the purl stitch, continental style. I had flashbacks to when I was small, sitting at my mother's kitchen table, the plastic needles and acrylic yarn in hand, while she not so patiently taught me to purl. Telling me it was simply, knitting backwards. HA!!

I cannot believe I actually "got it". Yay!!! I am on my way to knitting "Continental". Since it is a nice day out today....50's and sunny, I might have to go outside and practice!!!!