Saturday, March 03, 2007

Purling: The Knit Stitch's Evil Twin

Last night, even though I have an "emergency" baby git to make, I decided I needed to practice my "Continental" knitting. I have always wanted to learn this way, the faster, more efficient method of knitting. I got the knit stitch some time ago, but needed to work on evening out the tension. Surprisingly, after not knitting this way, I picked it up and it actually felt comfortable, familiar. So this morning, come hell or high water, I was going to conquer the purl stitch, continental style. I had flashbacks to when I was small, sitting at my mother's kitchen table, the plastic needles and acrylic yarn in hand, while she not so patiently taught me to purl. Telling me it was simply, knitting backwards. HA!!

I cannot believe I actually "got it". Yay!!! I am on my way to knitting "Continental". Since it is a nice day out today....50's and sunny, I might have to go outside and practice!!!!