Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yarn to Donate

OK, it's been awhile. Does anyone read this anymore?? I know my friend Donna posted the link to my row counter bracelet on her site, so welcome to anyone new!!! On the knitting front, it is a sad state of affairs around these parts. I cannot seem to finish a project no matter how hard I try. So, in lieu of updates, I decided to post this question.

Where can I donate yarn????

I have been up in my attic deciding to get rid of all the stuff I have up there. Beanie Babies, suitcases I will no longer need, clothing that well, (gulp) no longer fits..... you name it, it is there. Anyway, I have oodles of yarn, mostly Lion Brand from when I was knitting for the sailors via "Ships Support". I did find one nice charity but they only take wool. This is acrylic or mostly acrylic. If anyone has any good charities with websites, leave a comment or you can private message me as well!!! Thanks!!!