Friday, November 17, 2006

Long time, no knit!!

I know, I know, it has been a long time. I have been knitting......and there will be pictures but not with this weather. It has been horrible since I have returned from my trip. No seriously the rain and cloudy days are getting to me. What happened to those crisp fall days out on the deck in a comfy sweater knitting in the sunshine. And to top it off, it is WARM....almost 70!!! (Oh, I am in New England not Texas!!)

So, knitting, what, when and why????

I have been making the Sugar on Snow from Knitty like mad!! I have three done , all in Lorna's Laces wonderful colorways!! They are for gifts....not if I can just add some matching earrings they will be ready to go!!

Bath mitts. Does anyone else get the Martha Stewart Holiday magazine. Worht the $7 or whatever the cost!! Typically I am NOT a fan, but this issue might turn me into a Martha groupie!! It does have some knitting content in it too, BUT there is a recipe for bath fizzies in it, that when paired with a bath mitt, make a wonderful gift!!!

And finally, the "Ball Band" dishcloths from MDK!! I LOVE making them and decided to make a few. Again, a nice gift when paired with some nice kitchen soap (Bath and Body Works or Williams Sonoma) all in a cute basket!!!

I also joined the Monthly Dishcloth KnitAlong!!! What a fun group!! I even found a super pattern that I am going to make a BIG bunch of for a friend who just moved into a new house! Oh I am terrible.....I am not saying what or who because she "might" read this and I really want this to be a surprise!!!!

So there you have it. If it ever stops raining I will get some pictures........or I will be on the news, floating in a row boat down my street....... knitting..........

Friday, November 03, 2006

52 days!!!

Ok, I'll admit it, my favorite things to knit these days are accessories. I know, not the most challenging of items unless you are knitting gloves, with the fingers...... but I love 'em. Quick projects are like the instant gratification you get while going through a drive thru.... "I'd like a hat, and two scarves, please"...."drive up to the window"...... :) (Can you tell I've been through a drive thur or two in my time????) And I do NOT knit socks...that's a whole new obession that I'd rather not take on. Sock knitting has come so far these days but I refuse to get lured in by some pretty yarn and hand dyes...... I refuse.

So, we're leaving again for a meeting for Mark. Which means I will be sightseeing, absorbing local color (say it like Ricky Ricardo), and hopefully knitting. I have four, count 'em F-O-U-R balls of Lorna's Laces Worsted and a goal......make as many "Sugar on Snow" neck gaiters, cowls, or warmers (whatever you call them) as fast as I can. Did you know there is only 52 days left until Christmas....FIFTY TWO people!!!!!! So, this is going to be my gift this year........... If I spoiled your gift for you this year.......well, deal with it. I'm hooked on these darn things and I will knit them until I cannot see straight. I am waiting for some beads I ordered from a lampworking friend to arrive so I can make coordinating jewelry....there I've gone and spoiled the ENTIRE gift!!!! I will be back on Wednesday with pictures......and knitted items...... and maybe a story or two......

Knit on have 52 days!!! :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Coming soon..... a Christmas tree near you!!!! Will it be YOUR tree???? Today, I finally got around to taking a picture of the "Sugar on Snow" knitted neck cowl or warmer from KNITTY!!! For those of you who want the specs.....the yarn is Lorna's Laces Worsted in "Motherlode" (and yes I did gauge it because the original was made with two strands of DK from Knitpicks) and the needles were #9 16" circulars like the pattern required. I did do the icord on #7s for the record, and skipped the leaves on it. Ok, my "plan" was to add these big holed silver beads I have BUT the cord was too thick. I will make another with a smaller cord and we will see what happens!!!

So that's it.....Thanks Lynnea for lighting a fire under my butt and making me get out and take the picture!!! I'm currently designing a little felted ipod "cozy" with BEADS!!!! And I will take a picture soon. I'm headin' out of town (again!!) on Saturday and I'm winding up more Lorna's Laces to make neck cowls with so you just might be the lucky recipient of one this holiday season!!! :)