Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I am Lame.

Ok, I am hanging my head in shame.....there has been NO KNITTING at all. I read other people's blogs and they are knitting fabulous items, and me?? NOT ONE BLOODY THING!!!! This has been a crazy month to say the least.......and the ONLY time I got to knit was on the plane...excuses, excuses. I know, if you love it, you will find time. I do, but there is no time! Honestly.........

My stash has exploded all over my spare room, so I am thinking yarn, but getting it on the needles is another thing. Emails are piling up, no new jewelry either...what is wrong with me???? So if you come here looking for knitting, you ain't gonna find it, not now at least!!!

I need to get motivated. Anyone?? Send me your motivational help......hey, maybe that would be a topic for a good new book....."Motivational Help For Knitters In Distress". What do you do to get motivated????

Ok, now that I have completely told the world how LAME I am......I am making up my Knitter's Tea Swap package!!! See??? I am thinking knitting!!!I love what I am sending, hopefully my "pal" will too!!! I will take a picture before I send it. All the contents are in the box, now I just need to wrap up the items for a nice presentation, and seal it up and away we go!!! I did have to go to Trader Joe's and pick up some dark chocolate. I bought milk, but she prefers dark. Believe me, it will not be wasted!!! I LOVE the milk stuff....dark not so much so I will have a little stash for myself!!! :)

Maybe that will motivate me.......

Monday, September 25, 2006

Knit Happens, or NOT!

Ok, so I am not a "frequent poster" on this blog!! If you want to see what I am really up to, feel free to pop over to my "main" blog, The West End Designs Journal. Truthfully, the knitting took a back seat this weekend to family obligations, so there is no news. But don't they say no news is good news?? Hopefully this week, I will be able to show some FINISHED projects....although doubtful. But I do hope to find time to knit a bit, at least. Well, there is LOTS of reality tv, and knitting during the program makes me feel like I am not wasting my time, not to mention brain cells, watching trashy tv!!

I am having fun with the new swap! It's about knitting and tea, two things I love dearly!! I have corresponded with my secret pal AND the person I have to spoil with a package is so nice. She lives in Singapore!! I can't wait to put her package together. I hope she likes what I have planned!!! I am going witht a theme...Nantucket, since I will be going there next week! She will be getting a wee taste of New England in a box!!! Hopefully I can get that into the mail THIS week, even though the deadline is October 15th. I have so much to do this month!!

Alright, enough chat as this was supposed to be a quickie update......knit on friends!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lucy, My Model

Hi Knitting Friends.....

This is my pug Lucy, and a scarf from the ONE Skein book that I started yesterday. Ok, I am planning on giving these as a gift, so I need YOUR opinion. There will be two, one in this camel color and one in blue. I need to finish them asap. BUT, while I like the pattern, I am starting to wonder if it is too skinny for a man. The pattern wwas modeled on men, but I can't decide. The colors are "manish" but do men really wear skinny scarves???? I don't know. Mark doesn't like scarves at all, so what's a girl to do??? Turn to her knitting buddies, that's what! Feel free to leave me a comment or a PM (private message) as to your thoughts.

Oh, in case you want to know, it is Plymouth Yarns, Indiecta Brand Suri Merino (55% Suri Alpaca and 45% Extra Fine Merino) It's like butter...so soft and warm..I love it. I do have some pink and peach for ME!! (ok, well maybe a gift). And it's not too expensive either. I'm not sure if I would like an entire sweater with it, but I'm not sure......

Send me your comments....please......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I joined another one!

I did it!! I joined the "Destash - Cash for your Stash" blog!! And last night I posted my first item, YARN!! Go over and check it out. Email me if you are interested!!! I have tons more that I plan on posting!!! Between that, and some of the jewelry making supplies I have posted on my own journal page, I hope to make a few $$ for new stuff!!! Out with the old, and in with the NEW!! :) That's my new motto!!!

Well, I haven't been doing much in the way of knitting!! I just got a heapin' helpin' of pearls from Thailand and am working on some new designs. I also need to get crackin' and work on my NEW blog that my friend, Hanane and I are starting...... So much to do, so little time. I think they should add some extra hours in the day especially for the arts......I sure could use it!!

I'm off to have breakfast with a friend now........later knitters........

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where have I been???

Oh yah, it's been a week, and I guess it is about time that update my neglected little knitting blog!!! (for more regular updates, you can read my Journal here!!)I did knit on the plane.....but my problem was I kept knitting the same row over and over and over......5 hours and I didn't get much accomplished!! So all I finished was ONE of the fingerless mitts. The plane ride home was a bit better and I started on the second! I do love them and Koigu is my NEW favorite yarn....it knits like a dream and has wonderful stitch definition. My friend loved the idea of the fingerless mitt, so I plan on making some for her for a gift!!

So here it is, the "Lone Mitt"!!!
(I'll model them for you once I sew them up!!)

Let's see, Friday night I roped my husband into stopping at the "Fabric Place" which stocks some nice yarn (the employees leave alot to be desired, but since I really didn't need help or advice, it was ok) ...let's just say the bribe was it is near a BBQ place he likes, so since it is so close ::wink::....why not??? I picked up some yarn for her gloves, some cotton, and some gloriously soft alpaca!!! So much yarn, so little time.......

Sunday, September 10, 2006

One last post.....

Before I leave. I'm only going for three days and I have, in typical knitter's fashion, packed more yarn than clothing!! :) But, I thought I would leave you with something to look at while I'm gone....so here ya go!!!!

First, I needed a way to find my Thread Cutter (airline approved!) by Clover! I love this thing!! A very handy gadget but hard to find in the knitting bag.....so I knotted a "fob" for it out of hand dyed silk cord by Deepwood Art and silver beads!!

Here is a close up of those knots!! I think they came out really good!!!

Next is my present for a dear friend of mine who I will be visiting! She loves green and I thought the "One Skein" Clutch would be perfect! I might post a picture of it over on that blog too!! I am pleased with the results...I hope she is too!

And finally, a close up of the knitted flower and bead center! The bead matches the bag perfectly.....it is darker than the picture actually shows!! I love these bags and am going to be making more for gifts!!

Talk to you all when I return!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm at it again......

I did it again....I know, I said I am not a joiner and I will not do swaps again, but this one looked like so much fun!!! And truthfully, I have met a couple of very good friends doing these, so why not??? I have TONS of yarn in my stash......and I love tea, and could always use another friend in knit, so here we go again!!! :)

Still no knitting lately!! But I found two skeins of Knitpicks "Elegance" in my stash that is just screaming to be made into a "Branching Out" scarf....and I put all the beads on the skein of KPPM for the gloves...I'm ready to fly!! I just have a few more things to gather together, like clothes and shoes (yeah, I think I will need those!!) and some cash for bead shopping and I'm good to go!!!

I'll try to get some pictures of stuff over the weekend so you will have something to look at!! Oh, and I scrubbed the baby kimono....it's been too long now and I have forgetten where I am and honestly, I'm not crzy about my choice of cotton, so rrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiippppppppppp. There it goes!!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello, Is Anyone There???

Hello dear knitting friends......I'm here....barely!! You can always pop over to my other blog for more frequent updates if you are missing what is going on in my life but, if you're here for knitting...well........

So, where have I been?/ No place...yet.....I'm getting ready for a quick trip, business for my husband, but since we're not paying, I'm going too!!! I'm packing knitting for my flights and time alone in the hotel, so I am winding skeins, copying patterns, finding needles......you know......not knitting!!! Making sure I have a project and a backup because no one wants to get stuck with no knitting, right??? Hmm...speaking of stuff to do, I should find a book too, just in case!!! :)

Sorry for the complete lack of knitting news.....I'll have some soon!!

And this dang "Cozy" shawl is taking forever to finish......sigh......