Sunday, September 10, 2006

One last post.....

Before I leave. I'm only going for three days and I have, in typical knitter's fashion, packed more yarn than clothing!! :) But, I thought I would leave you with something to look at while I'm here ya go!!!!

First, I needed a way to find my Thread Cutter (airline approved!) by Clover! I love this thing!! A very handy gadget but hard to find in the knitting I knotted a "fob" for it out of hand dyed silk cord by Deepwood Art and silver beads!!

Here is a close up of those knots!! I think they came out really good!!!

Next is my present for a dear friend of mine who I will be visiting! She loves green and I thought the "One Skein" Clutch would be perfect! I might post a picture of it over on that blog too!! I am pleased with the results...I hope she is too!

And finally, a close up of the knitted flower and bead center! The bead matches the bag is darker than the picture actually shows!! I love these bags and am going to be making more for gifts!!

Talk to you all when I return!!!