Monday, October 30, 2006


Oh yah, it's been a week..... and YES, I have been knitting and beading and the creative juices are back on track. Sorry for the lack of posting...... I will try to do better (hanging head in shame)!!!

Today, I finally got around to posting my baby bibs!!! I just love them...aren't they sweet???? I crocheted a simple ruffle on the botton to make them extra "girlie". I even found some cute buttons in my button box!!! I plan on making more of these...they are totally easy, and require no concentration. Then I will not have to hurry when I need a baby thinkin' huh???

I will have MORE pictures this week. I just finished "Sugar on Snow" from Knitty. It is adorable...kudos to the designer!!! They make nice gifts too..... :) I just need to find some embellishment for the icord and I'll take a picture (or two)!!!!!

Knit on friends!!!