Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mrs. Stevens

For those of you who know me, you all know I have always wanted a kitty (I guess three puggies is not enough!!). My wonderful husband, still, and probably will continue to say "no" to my polite requests (aka begging) for a kitty!! I do have a "sponsor" kitty at the local shelter, but it is not the went and adopted, not a "real" one, a "virtual"one...

May I present, "Mrs. Stevens"!!! She will be on the side bar to my journal from now on......I hope you all say hi to her when you are visiting!!

Why Mrs. Stevens??? Well, ages ago I saw an episode of Bewitched in which Samantha turned her Mother in Law into a cat and went running through they neighborhood yelling "Mrs. Stevens" in a vain attempt to find her lost Mother in Law/Kitty. And I thought, what a cool name for a cat...and it stuck. So there you have it!!! :)

Let's see what else I can find to spruce up the journal!!!