Friday, July 28, 2006

Time flies........

Has it really been a week???? I have been knitting but I guess not posting as much as I used to...sorry about that! And if you are looking at the blog and wondering what is going on, I'm changing stuff around...again!!!! I've also been having some bad migraines and sitting at the computer is the LAST thing you want to do!!

This weekend I hope to fix up this sad and sorry little blog a bit!!! It's supposed to be hot hot hot this weekend so sitting in the air conditioned studio is not such a bad idea is it??? I know I spoke of a tutuorial and you might be wondering where it has gone to. Well, the pictures are still in my camera so I will be doing that as well!!!!

Well, I'm off to work........I'll try to be posting with more frequency, so keep checking back!!

P.S. Mrs. Stevens is temporarily gone until I finish fixing the blog up!! :) Just in case you were looking for her!! I might just have to change that around too!! :)