Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am blown away!!

Yes, I am completely blown away by my One Skein Secret Pal's gift for July!! Wow, that's all I can say!! Thank you so much Lynnea! Here is a photo of what she sent!! I have to show all the goodies off!! Take a look at this!!!

There is a skein of handspun yarn, a skein of Knitpicks Ambrosia, felted beads, stitch markers, 2 knitting magazines and a set of handmade note cards and HANDMADE needles!! Wow...oh and a Cadbury bar!! (Cadbury is my favorite!!!)

I have to think of something to make with the handspun for for right now I am just carrying it around, it is so soft!!!! I love the toppers on the needles says "Knit Happens"!!! Aren't they the cutest??? I plan on making a funky fiber necklace with the beads!!!! They are so much fun!! I need to know how to make them!!!!

Thank you again Lynnea......not only are you a terrific secret pal, you have become such a great online buddy!!! :) I will post what I make with all the goodies you have sent!!!