Thursday, June 08, 2006

I LOVE Lorna's Laces!!

Well, I'm not knitting here is sunny Nantucket...if fact, I'm still home. Nantucket got cancelled due to bad bad in fact, that the ferry was cancelled and we couldn't get there if we tried!! So, To drown my "no vacation" sorrows, I treated myself to some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted...and I am in LOVE!!! Wow, how had I missed this yarn?? I don't know, I guess none of the shops around me had it until recently. Well, I am so much in love, that I bought more online, and even more on ebay!! Thanks to my "nameless" Secret Pal from the One Skein Club who hooked me up with some online bargains!!! :) So, I am making yet another Irish Hiking Scarf and this baby is mine, all mine!!! Now as I knit, I am thinking of which colorways I would like in a sweater, socks, hats....oh I could go on and on!!! Hopefully I will get all my online shopping spree goods soon and will post a picture!!

No new project update pictures today as it is still grey and nasty out....and will be until Sunday!!! But I will get some nice pictures to share soon!!

So, I'm going to sign off and work some more on the Lorna's Laces scarf.......Oh I can't wait for it to be finished and we have weather cool enough so I can wear it!! And naturally it is going to need matching earrings and maybe a bracelet!!! Oh so much to do!!!

Knit on friends......