Thursday, June 29, 2006

Join the Washrag Revolution

Yes, I am making washrags, or dishcloths, or warshrags...whichever term you prefer!! I can't help it, I love these little guys!!! I will have to snap a picture of the ones I have made so far......Who knew cheapy cotton yarn from AC Moore would cause such joy!!! And joy for a "yarn snob" too!! I am whipping them up like crazy here and there is no sign of stopping.

The people I have taught knit in the past know that I always told them to practice stitches and patterns while making dishcloths. At the end, you mastered a new skill and have something to show for it.......a good idea, right??? But, now they are back in fashion thanks to Mason Dixon Knitting! And I LOVE the patterns in the book and am so glad they brought them back into fashion!!!

And for all you flybabies out there.....they are very handy for shining your sink!! And if you have no idea what I meant with that sentence, go to this site.....FlyLady!! The site will explain everything!

I just might have to go to AC Moore today for more......who knows how many I can whip up this weekend.....and for those of you on my Christmas list...these just might end up under your tree this winter!!!!