Monday, August 21, 2006

Cozy Pictures!!!

Ok, so you've heard me talking about this "Cozy Shawl" that I've been knitting, here it is!! Now bear in mind, I took these pictures on FRIDAY (yes, I am truely terrible about uploading them!) and I am into my second skein of yarn! :) I bought 4 skeins of sport weight but actually think it will take three.....or I'm hoping it will take three because the yarn would make a terrific "Branching Out" scarf! It is beautiful and very fun to knit. I know, it wasn't fun in the beginning......but I LOVE the pattern now! I even got a "close up" for you!!! The colorway did not photgraph as pretty as it is in person!! Hopefully my finished garment will show off the subtle colors!!! I am even making a matching bracelet for it!!