Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's better than a sale??

Ok, I decided before I get settled outside on the back deck for an afternoon of knitting, I should update this blog! It's hard...I have lots of blogs and I need a bloggin schedule desperately! I need a studio schedule too!! Maybe it's time to "FlyLady" my studio and computer time!!

So today I decide I **need** to go to the LYS...well not so "L" but YS. I had a hankering for yarn and I needed to actually shop!!! And besides, I had an idea of yarn for my new Secret Pal (who is a super person BTW!!) and I needed a skein of Lamb's Pride bulky weight because I want to make a clutch for a friend who I will be visiting in a few weeks. Well, I didn't need that much incentive. Just say "yarn" and I'm there!!! Well, THEY WERE HAVING A SALE!! So, if you live in So. Eastern MA, go to the Wool Basket in Duxbury! There is some really nice yarn on sale!!

And let's talk about yesterday's "almost" crisis!!! I am about 10 pattern rows into "Branching Out" so, translated I am almost half way done. I put it down for a few weeks (to work and go on a trip) so yesterday, I decided to pick it back up again. I need to finish it so I can make another for a gift......well, I made very good notes on the pattern as to where I left off. Now typically I do a complete pattern before ending something for the day/night/week. It's easier to remember. Long story short, I didn't,and ignored my notes and started at the beginnning anyway! I made a MESS!!! I tried once to put it back on the needles, and that was a no go. But, I decided one more try and if not, I (gulp) start over!! I managed to salvage it and only lost 4 rows!! I do have a picture of it and I will post it next time!!! I do take pictures, I just have a hard time you know!! :)

Well, it's such a nice day, I'm not going to spend it inside! I'm taking the dogs and my knitting and heading out into the backyard..........