Friday, August 25, 2006

A quick update.....

Well, I guess it's been a busy week, huh?? No new knitting posts!!! BUT, I have been knitting. I am making great strides on both the cozy and Branching Out. I have to say, for YEARS I never wanted to knit lace but now I LOVE it!!! I am planning on making many more lace scarves. They make the perfect gifts because many of my friends live in warm climates, and their so portable!!!

This weekend, I need to start two more projects though, a clutch from one skein (which has become my favorite gift to give!) and a blanket for my friend. the blanket is that pattern from KnitPicks and the yarn is Suri Dream. I chose a blue color, and hopefully it will be perfect! And the clutch, well, it is for my friend in AZ who I will be visiting in a few weeks!!! Yay!!! I chose a soft green, because green is her favorite color! I should at least get that finished!!! I'll take pictures when I start the projects!!!