Friday, August 18, 2006

Pictures for YOU!

Today's post is for my new Secret Pal, Hanane! She told me I needed more pictures on my blog!!! And she was so right!!! And today, I will get pictures of the other things I am working on for the next update!! I will try to add at least one or two pictures a week!! Let's keep things interesting!

Here is my "Branching Out"scarf..of course, this is an old picture and it is about 10 more pattern rows than this....

It is made with the bamboo yarn for Southwestern Trading Comapny and was gifted to me by my One Skein Secret pal, Lynnea!

And this is my One Skein Secret Pal's final project for me!! An awesome felted box for my desk!! It has found a home on the computer table with my file cards and notes in it!! And as you can see it matches my walls PERFECTLY!!!
Thank you Lynnea!

And the last picture for today is my One Skein Pal's final package which consisted of not only the finsihed project....but also a birthday gift for me!! In the box is a chocolate bar, notecards with my inital and some badger balm (for those rough knitter's hands!! :) ) Clotted cream and lemon curd for my morning scones and dog cookies for the girls!! A pug puzzle, a cute purse pattern WITH the yarn and Nicky Epstien's new book of knitted flowers!! Wow, a very generous present indeed!!