Wednesday, August 09, 2006

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I've been working on the shawl this afternoon. It was a beautiful day so I decided to sit outside and knit in the shade!! Knitter's bliss, right?? Well, did knitted lots.....8 inches or more worth. I then decided to watch some design shows on HGTV. I shouldn't have because I SCREWED UP!!! BADLY!!! So I tried to fix it....usually I am pretty good at this. I turned the tv off, cleared the coffee table, spread it out and tried to fix it, once, twice, three I ripped it out. It killed me.....but I did. Hey, I'm not a newbie knitter that can't fix things, but this was not my day!! ARGH!!! I just had to share my frustration......

So I'm going to cast on again and knit like my needles are on fire!!!!!