Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stash from Hell

You know your stash as grown to GIGANTIC proportions when your husband remarks about the two large boxes in the bedroom of yarn and says they look like they should be on a loading dock waiting to go on a freighter!!!! Naturally it didn't help matters when I casually remarked, "Oh that's just the wool". Meaning to him, the house is overrun with yarn. Um, yes, but I have hidden it so well, it doesn't look it. I will get a picture of "just the wool" as soon as I dust the bedroom and vacuum. I also collect pug hair...ha ha!!!

So, I have been trying to organize "the stash". It is overwhelming. So, in Fly Lady fashion, I am doing it bit by bit, 15 minutes at a time. I got all the cotton in one box, dishcloth cotton in another. Novelty yarns all together. So, why on earth do I buy novelty yarn, blech, but I have some, should the need for something totally frilly and useless arise.

I also got a copy of the latest Yarn Harlot book!!! I LOVE it!!! There is a section about stashes in there as well. I also ordered my VERY OWN copy of Barbara Walker's Treasury (Volume 1) because I checked it out of the library so often, I think they were starting to wonder about me. I consider that $30 well spent!!!

Back later with some stash pictures!!!!