Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer Knitting Goals

Well, there is one thing that is good about a blog, and that it makes you set goals, and for some strange reason, I think if I blog about them, I will actually finish them. So there is a contest, sponsored by Skeins Her Way and I read about it on B's Blog!!! Now let me say this, I'm going to keep it realistic people. Ok, semi realistic. I know I am not going to find the time to knit an entire aran sweater, matching tam and scarf. Maybe the scarf, but seriously. And I really do NOT need another sweater. I have a drawer FULL. So with that, I give you My Summer Knitting.

1. The Chevron Scarf. (Yes, my STR finally arrived and now that I have colors to work with that I like, I'm there!!)]

2. Thurmmed Mittens. (I got the kit form B and dang it (sorry I just went Southern on y'all) I will make them!!!)

3. Fetching Gloves for ME!!! (Somehow I make them, and I can't keep them. So I would like my OWN pair!!)

4. Gillie's Dog Sweater. (I have started one, so either I must finish it or make somethign for the poor little thing to wear!!)

5. TWO Argosy scarves (Those will be Christmas presents)

6. Finish the lace scarf I have been designing.

7. The Friday Scarf

So that's it. Small, and realistic. Did I mention that I will be looking for a new house and possibly moving too?? So if I do half, it will be a miracle!!!!

PS. If you do decide to enter, Be sure you mention MY blog in your email to Ali!!!! Thanks!!!