Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thank you NSFY Pal!!!

Well, two posts in the SAME week, write this down!! Ha ha!! actually I am up early, updating my site and the blogs and I just thought I would send a "public" shout out to my "No Sheep For You" secret pal!! Well, she's not so secret anymore and we finally had the big reveal!!! Thank you Phara for all the little goodies and the yarn!!! I love it all!! And guess what she is an interior designer!! I just might be needing her services soon with the new house!! Phara, will you do a trade for yarn??? :)

I'll try to get some pictures of the works in progress now. Funny, I was at the hair salon (getting my roots touched up) and knitting and I wondered why I was getting a weird look. I usually knit in there and don't get looks. Then I figured it out! The front placket for Gillie's sweater looks surprisingly like a pair of thong underwear!!! ROTFL!!!! I wonder if they think I am knitting my own undies now!!! Bwhahahahaha!!!