Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well, burst my bubble, why don't ya??

So as I was packing up my yarn (I hope the moving guys have good strong backs, ha ha!) I noticed that the most wonderful pashmina that I was so EXCITED to get from School Products had no label. I decided to email them right away before the yarn was gone, to get the yardage. A nice thing to know if you are making something.

Here is my email:

"Hi! I was in your store last weekend and purchased some pashmina (pink) and
I didn't write down the yardage. It was $6.50 per hank. Could you please
tell me what it is so I can plan my project?? Thank you!"

And here is the response:

Please look for the yardage on our web-site but the price is $15, if you paid only $6.50, you were charged wrong, sorry.

Now I am not dumb, by any means. I checked the website FIRST and there is NOTHING on there, much less any item similar priced at $15. It was the ONLY pashmina in the shop. I am disgusted and PISSED. I spent over $300 that day and when I surrendered my charge card, they could NOT have been NICER. Now, my request is not the unreasonable. And it is NOT MY PROBLEM if you under charged me. That is a hazard of business. It happened at my old job several times and the price must be honored, period. No matter how wrong it was. As a business you suck it up or lose business asking for the $$ back.

So ladies, if you are in NYC, may I suggest shopping at one of the other MANY knit shops in NYC, like Purl Soho. You may pay a bit more, but the customer service will be there when you leave town.

Anyone have a yardstick handy????

And the saga continues.....

So I just "spoke" with the owner via email who was a bit "nicer" when I said I would be shopping elsewhere and stated that she has "excellent" customer service. HA!!! She told me to call the shop in the morning. Hmmm. No apology. Do you think I will ever get the answer? Do YOU live in Manhattan??? If you go there, would you check for me??