Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Slump

Well my friends, I am in a knitting slump. I can't seem to concentrate, and tried to knit the "litte arrowhead lace" from the Penobscot scarf from Interweave about 3 times. It's an easy four row repeat but apparently it has overloaded the circuits in my brain! My friend Lynnea suggested dishcloths because they always pull her out of slump, so I might make a few more. The Sugar and Cream cotton was on sale last week and I picked up some of the new self striping and tweed! To keep you entertained while I fight back with new yarn and a new project, check this out! (Ok, it is for the knitting content! Holy Knit One Purl Two Batman!! And she has a knitting needle in her hand (looks like a size 11 to me!!)