Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Pattern Got Published!!!

Guess what??? I've been published!!! I now have a pattern in the "Stitch n' Bitch" calendar by Debbie Stoller!!! It's been in the "works" for awhile now, but I just got the "check" which means it's official and I can announce it.

Well, what is it??? A knitted cactus. A knitted "Barrel" cactus inspired by my many trips (and dream of living in the desert) to Arizona. Let's face it, I cannot grow a damn thing. I have a "prayer plant" that manages to live only because they need very little maintenance besides water, and a bamboo plant because all that needs is water. So I figured, why not knit myself a plant. It was one of those "fluke" ideas that actually worked. I think I made it in an afternoon. It's easy, it's felted and (ahem) in MY opinion, super cute.

I "might" be able to offer the pattern here, but I need to check out this fact in case YOU want to make one too!!!
The Knitted Version

The Inspiration