Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pictures for you....

Ok, I know I've been promising pictures and here they are! I know, try not to fall off your chair.

First, we have the Irish Hiking Wristlets. Everyone loves the Hiking Scarf pattern, including me! The yarn on these was Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. I like the yarn, but I would not make them again in it, due to the "washiblity" factor, especially if these are given as a gift. Not everyone follows washing and drying directions and these could end up rather felted and tiny!! The model is my friend Holly who scoffed these up on her latest visit to my studio!!!

Next, the "Fabulous Fetching" Wristlets. I ADORE this pattern. These I had finished quite some time ago, but did not want to post them as they were a birthday gift for a friend who just happens to read my blog! I didn't want to spoil the surprise!! The yarn on this was one of my favorite wools of all time, Mission Falls 1824. I have two more sets of these on the needles as we speak!

And finally, my new box of roving. It arrived the day I started to get the flu, so I opened it, admired it and it is still sitting in the studio. I have looked over the books I ordered on spinning from the library, and the one I got at Barnes and Noble, so maybe next week I can give it a "whorl"...ha!!! The Corriedale purple is so soft and the most gorgeous color. Everything came from Hello Yarn.