Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Yarn Binge

It's finally official, the yarn diet has turned into a yarn binge. You knew that would happen, right?? Well, I went to San Antonio recently (hence the complete lack of posting on the knitting blog...sigh). And I went yarn shopping with my good friend Donna. We decided to make a day of yarn shopping going to the only two shops in the area, but they were great shops!!!

First we went to the "Yarn Barn" on McCullough. This was a great shop. My friend knows the owner so we had a nice conversation with her while she showed us all the new stuff. She had these really cool "jelly" bags with a special yarn pocket and a nice "grommetted" hole coming out the side for your working yarn. Nice. Also, she had the BEST selection of needles I had ever seen. Every brand in every size!!!! I wish I lived closer!!!

So, then we hit "Sonic". OK, Sonic is a big deal to me because we just don't have them in MA. Too cold and icy I guess. Actually, I am glad we don't have them, because I probably would be there every day!!!

Next stop, "Yarnivore". This little shop in a strip mall was great!! The two owners are military wives, who happen to be from my neck of the woods!!! They had a nice selection and I managed to purchase a few skeins. Namely a wonderful bamboo in a gorgeous navy shade, and some angora in purple. I have no plans for these, but I love the colors. BUT, the big thing was the rovings. Now, I am NOT a spinner, at least not yet!!! :) Well, come to find out, Donna had purchased a drop spindle recently and I helped her pick out rovings. All I can say is one touch of the raw silk and I was sold. You know where this is going, right??

Did I buy spinning supplies? No. I did however order some spinning books form the library to do a wee bit of light reading before going all gung-ho and purchasing. After all, the attic does not need any more craft stuff up there!!!

Here are some pictures!

This is my loot!!! Not bad. After all, remember I had to pack it to get it home!!!!

This is Donna's car. This is Donna's car filled with yarn!
The bag on the right is mine. The rest belongs to her!! Yes, she went nuts!!!