Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spinning Is My New Hobby!!

OK, I'm horrible about pictures. I have taken some, but they are in the camera. I know, great place for them. I need to start one of those "Fliker" albums or something!! But, I just had to fill you in.

I ORDERED ROVING AND A DROP SPINDLE. I am weak, I have admitted that before. It sure didn't take long. Sunday morning I was waiting for a friend to stop over to go shopping and out to lunch and I had time to kill. So I ordered. I could have uploaded photos, or even did some sit ups....but no, I bought roving. Then I figured I would pick up a spinning book at good ol B&N. So my fate is sealed, I am about to become a spinner!!!

Also, I realized that I cannot knit on needles bigger than a size 11. I think I have said this before too. I started the "Fillipi Scarf" from "One Skein Wonders" (which is one terrific book) and promptly ripped it out (sorry everyone, I hate the term "frogging or frog pond". ew.) It called for a 13. I couldn't. I tried the 11 and it was a bit thin for my tastes. Hmm.... maybe the same pattern, more stitches, in a smaller gauge yarn. Aha!!! That's it!!! The pattern is super cute. It would be a shame not to make one!!!

I don't even know if anyone reads this, but do you want me to do a "6 Weird Things About Me" like everyone who blogs seems to be doing. Leave a comment. I would like to know if someone is out there!!! And just because I need to say soon!!! :)