Sunday, January 21, 2007

I surrender

I surrender. I bought yarn. I am hopeless. It's been 21 days......not too shabby, right??? **grin** OK, you want to hear the story??? Well, I needed size 0 and 1 dpns. (yes, I plan on knitting socks...I know, I know somethign I said I would never do.) NO PLACE NEAR ME CARRIED SMALL NEEDLES. OK, no places with yarn I would be tempted to increase the stash size with. They are "safe places" for me to be. WalMart, AC Moore, Michael's and JoAnn Fabric all batted 0. I found 2's...but nothing smaller. Instead of going to the LYS (of which there are several near me, and since I am weak, and it would be like taking a chocoholic into a sweet shop), I opted for The Fabric Place. OK, the yarn selection there is a good one, I will give them that. BUT they had several brands of dpns to choose from and I knew it so.......

I bought. How could I not?? Surrounded by fiber, and oh the colors!! Along with my needle selection, a lone skein of Noro Silk Garden "fell into my bag". ::wink wink:: I plan on making these with it.

And yes, this week I will get photos of my finished objects (namely the fingerless mitts) so you will have something to look at while I jet off to San Antonio TX while Mark is at a meeting. And I will be knitting the entire time!!