Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Please make it stop. Thank you.

This is a message for the people in R&D (research and development) at all the major yarn companies. STOP!! Just STOP it. I beg of you, please stop!! Please do not continue to come up with new and exciting yarns for me to try. Just do not report to your desk any longer. Your services are no longer required!!!! (This has been a community service message for all the "This year I will knit from my stash" people. Thank you. And now back to your regularly scheduled program!)

OK, this morning I check my emails and lo and behold a newsletter from the fine gals at kpixie. If you have not been there, go now. It's a great site with awesome yarns. Lots of indie stuff. Love it!! Well, it turns out that SWTC now makes a yarn called Tofutsies. Cute huh?? No, it's made from crab shells and it's for socks. Great colors too. I want some. No I need some. it is far too tempting because as a vegetarian, I could really use some yarn with tofu in the title, don't you think??? MUST RESIST THE URGE TO BUY. This could take all the will power I have people. All of it.