Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Siren's Song

Ah, it's the new year.......a time to freshen up this knitting blog. During the "break" I have been knitting. My strong aversion to dpn's has now turned into LOVE, that's right LOVE. And with that, the siren's song of socks is calling. Shhh....listen. You can just hear it. Surprisingly (said tongue in cheek) I DO have sock yarn in my stash. How?? Why??? Did I know I would pick up dpn's again....yes I guess I did. Now I need the perfect pattern. I don't like socks, and as a matter of fact, wear them VERY infrequently. And you know what, my feet will NEVER win a beauty contest, but I don't care, there is something very free about goign barefoot. (I studied ballet for many years, and despite what the manufacturer's say about "their" toe shoes, they WILL deform your feet!!)

Now, pictures...... I have plenty of new knitted items but still no pictures. I guess i have an aversion to photography. My knitted items do not photograph as well as my jewelry does. I need to work on this. If the sun ever makes an apperance today, I will try to get some pictures.

Ok, my NY's resolution is to update this blog more frequently and starting THIS week, you are guaranteed at least TWO new tales of knitty goodness per week. (Unless I am away, and then you will hear all about it when I return ~ nothing like knitting on the road!!) And I intend on fixing up my "side board" too...... does anyone know how to add those cute little bar graphs for your projects???