Friday, January 12, 2007

Warshrag A Go-Go

I completely forgot to show you my "Ball Band" dishcloths (or "warshrags") from Mason Dixon Knitting. I got so excited over this pattern, I just couldn't stop!!! I liked knitting them so much, I joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL too!!!! I packaged them in sets of two, included a kitchen soap from Bath and Body Works in a color to match, and a fancy gift bag!!! They were very well recieved!!!
Here is a picture of the trio.

I called this duo "Desert". I loved the sage green color.
I need to work with this color more!!!
This one I named "happy" because pink and orange make me feel happy inside!!!
And this one is "Sunny Day"

I did make a few for me as well, but they are "in service" at the moment!! And if you 'fly" on the "Fly Lady" program, these are perfect for shining your sink!!!