Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A treat for you....

As promised, I am updating again. This time with a picture of an actual FINISHED OBJECT!!!! I really love these cupcakes!! They are adorable and fun to make. Here's the plan. I made one, just to see if they are as cute in person as in the pattern book. The answer is yes, take a look.
So, now I am going to make them for my friend's birthdays. No, I am not giving them just a knitted cupcake which my DH Mark keeps asking me why anyone would even want one. He fails to submit to their cuteness. (sigh) My gift idea includes a cupcake in a bakery box with a happy birthday ribbon and tag and a gift card to their favorite coffee place and/or bakery. Cute, huh???

I actually have been knitting like my fingers are on fire but I have NO PICTURES to show. I need to get a photo shoot going of my finished items as well as the progression of some. And I have found the PERFECT mitten pattern. Actually it belongs to my mother who paid a whopping 40 cents for the BOOK of patterns sometime in the 60's I'd guess. Well, I know have my own copy and got out the Lorna's Laces worsted, my dpns and went to town. But wait, I must have giant hands because my mittens did not fit my extra large mitts!!! So, the lone mitt will get match and they will get gifted to a lucky recipient. I will say this, I am still in love with
the Lorna's Laces yarn.

Ok, I will go take some pictures for show and tell later in the week!!! Keep checking back, I'm on a knitting roll here!!!