Wednesday, July 25, 2007


And of a finished object, no less!!! I blocked this quite awhile ago, and never got around to taking a picture of it! I'm really not satisfied with the picture, the color of the yarn is very hard to photograph. The color is a bit more vibrant in real life!

Pattern: Argosy from Knitty
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Chiffon (discontinued color!)
Needles: Size 6 Aluminum

I scored a haul the other day at my Mothers! I went over there because I needed to escape while the house was being shown and she had this for me! The yarn (Peaches and Creme) was found at Wal Mart of 75 cents a skein. 75 Cents!!!! Naturally, she bought two of every color. There was MORE but I started making dishcloths for the new house already!!

There was also "Knit Mittens" which was a book I wanted for awhile. Her friend gave it to her, and she passed it on! And look, WORKBASKETS!!!! For those of you who are new to knitting, or are too young to remember, "The Workbasket" was a magazine published in the 30's through the 80's. It was monthly and featured "housewifey" things like crafts, recipes and homemaking tips! I can remember my mother waiting patiently for it to arrive! Now I collect them!! Again these were passed down to her and she gave them to me!!
Look at the publishing date on this one!!! 40 Years me!!! :)

More later!! I'm almost done with my last Argosy and the "Element" scarf and I can start new projects!!!