Monday, July 16, 2007

My Mission

Sorry no pictures this post! I just wanted to say I am alive and well and still knitting. Right now, I am blocking a scarf I finished a LONG time ago (the "Argosy" made with Rowan Calmer!), finishing up the SECOND "Argosy" (Cider Moon Taos!) and finishing the "Element" scarf. My mission, should I choose to accept, it is to actually FINISH all started "on the needle" items BEFORE starting something new. The key here is before. I love to start new things, get them "almost" done ( like the blocking part), and leave them. I am trying my best to BREAK this vicious circle.

I have several new projects just waiting to go on the needles, yarn to wind, and all of it MUST sit there until I complete more. I even found a pair of "Fetchings" without thumbs!!! Now seriously, how long doe sit take to knit a thumb???? Not long. I will get to those this week!

Tonight is a good night for telly, Family Guy AND Hell's Kitchen (gotta love FOX) so I will be attempting the impossible....finishing up stuff while I watch. Somehow writing all this down makes me do it. Like y'all are going to hold me accountable for my lack of ambition!! :)

Now if I can find a way to read, watch tv, and knit, imagine the possibilities!!!